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Facebook Ads Basics 1.2

With Facebook Ads, you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals. This is the second article of the "Facebook Ads: Basics" series. Read the first article here. We created Facebook Ads: Basics in order to ...

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Facebook Ads: Basics 1.0

We created a series of articles to help you learn the basics of Facebook Advertising. In the first article of the series, you will learn who you can reach, target and who can actually see your Facebook Ads. Facebook offers powerful and unique ways ...

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5 Instagram stats marketers need to know

If you are wondering how you can build or enhance your presence on Social Media then you need to know all the numbers that matters for Instagram. There are a huge number of stats out there on Instagram usage, most of which are now inaccurate as the ...

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By Phanos Demetriou | Sep 27, 2015

in Digital Marketing

4 Marketing Trends to use in 2015

With all we know about online marketing and what changes will occur in 2015, does not necessarily mean that you will need to change your marketing strategy. With all the data available, marketers can create a better business strategy to help your ...

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New Facebook Picture Editing Tools

Facebook is bringing a whole new dimension to your pictures uploaded on it's main website.  The feature is currently rolling out for some users in various countries. Are you one of them? ...

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3 Steps to Show more pictures in your Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular channels when it comes to Social Media. It's also amonst the top tools for online advertsing. We wrote this article to help you with your Facebook Ads....

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Creative ways to publish updates on your Social Media Accounts

Finding new, exciting  ways to deliver your content and maintain user engagement can be difficult, as even experienced social marketers have difficulty in maintaining this. ...

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5 Tips For Using Google Analytics

How many visitors came to my site last week? How much revenue did we generate in September? Where are our visitors coming from and which pages are they most interested in? Before you start worrying that analytics is sharing all of your personal ...

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