By Anna Iacovou | Aug 2, 2022

in social media, advertising

Why a data strategy is key for the future of marketing

When it comes to audience data strategies data access, identity resolution and the utilization of these insights into action are only a few of the struggles that marketers face nowadays, according to Nielsen’s 2022 Global Annual Marketing Report....

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Εάν η κοινωνική αποστασιοποίηση έχει ρίξει τη στρατηγική πωλήσεων σας το 2020, δεν είστε μόνοι. Όλες οι επιχειρήσεις αισθάνονται την πίεση....

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Tomorrow Never Dies - The Post-Lockdown era, now what?!

A global lockdown - Who would imagine. Yet here we are, on the verge of the lockdown measures being lifted up. ...

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What is brand identity? And how to design a strong one

Just like your identity makes you “uniquely you”, your brand identity is the special recipe of your business that sets you apart from every other business on the block. Why do you need to design one you may ask. Well, because it’s what shapes your ...

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How high-quality design affects your marketing campaigns

Throughout the past few weeks, business plans had to be revised due to the lockdown and many businesses have transferred their activities online....

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Why should you keep spending on digital advertising through Covid 19 recession?

Every worldwide crisis is followed by a recession. However, the Covid 19 pandemic crisis our world is going through now,  is like no other. This crisis is affecting businesses, employment and it’s bringing social and political changes. ...

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COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

A pandemic is not easy to handle. No one knows what to expect. However, brands are doing a remarkable job on educating and promoting important messages around the world. Their message does not revolve around buying products or services but spreads ...

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Spotify: Οι χρήστες στρέφονται στη μουσική λόγω Social Distancing

Καθώς οι άνθρωποι σε όλο τον κόσμο ασκούν social distancing για να παραμείνουν ασφαλείς, η αλλαγή στις ρουτίνες όλων ήταν αναπόφευκτη. Η ομάδα του Spotify έχει παρατηρήσει ότι πολλοί χρήστες έχουν προσφύγει σε μουσική και podcasts τόσο για να μένουν ...

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By Christophoros Tzirtzipis | Apr 15, 2020

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Η Επιστροφή του… Desktop και η άνοδος της Smart τηλεόρασης...

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Brands reacting during the Covid-19 pandemic

Companies and brands, regardless of their size, are currently in uncharted territory whilst weathering the COVID-19 storm. ...

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