COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

A pandemic is not easy to handle. No one knows what to expect. However, brands are doing a remarkable job on educating and promoting important messages around the world. Their message does not revolve around buying products or services but spreads the word on health issues, staying home and spending time with family; about keeping distances. A human side of those brands is revealed and we love it! 


To follow are some examples of different brands around the world and how they are promoting their message. 


Make your Payments non-cash 

RabitaBank, a bank in Azerbaijan has promoted a smart campaign in order to educate people to use less cash as the bacteria and viruses that can spread from cash are really dangerous. 

Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world          Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world        Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

Their marketing game is on point as they used famous banknotes from around the world like the British Pound or the U.S. Dollar in order to promote their message of opting for non-cash payments. 


As they said: ‘‘Health authorities including the World Health Organization have advised shoppers to use cards instead of banknotes. We would advise people to wash their hands after handling banknotes, and avoid touching their face.’’



German Supermarket, Penny, created a light-hearted campaign during the COVID 19 lockdown. While using their -already known- hashtag #homefirst, they want to celebrate the "Guardians of Wisdom and Keepers of the couch".

It celebrates all the people who love isolation and spending time at home, online and on their couch without leaving the house. They did it before and now they are thriving! 

Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world
The humorous social media campaign of Penny is promoting and encouraging self-isolation. They are using their existing communication message to remind us that we should only go out “when the fridge is completely empty”. 



IKEA encourages people to #StayHome. IKEA Spain wants to promote our homes as the places where we create memories, we express feelings and thoughts and that home “will be here, no matter what”.  


That is what we should do. Enjoy it now that we have plenty of time. Here is the short and minimalistic film that invites us to see our homes from a new perspective, to enjoy new experiences and create new memories during this time. 


And the Swedish company didn’t stop there. IKEA Israel created a campaign with a similar message and is 100% IKEA original! 

Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

It may be the easiest set of IKEA instructions you’ll ever come across! You merely need a key, a lock and 100 rolls of toilet paper to follow the instructions.


Keeping Distance Saves Lives 

Ford Cincuentenario (Panama) has created a campaign promoting social distancing through Ford car sensors that indicate when people are close. Social distancing is mandatory and through this campaign we get a reminder to keep our distance while getting our groceries or medicine. 

Opium Works COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

Here you can enjoy the video from this campaign. 




Different campaigns around the world are emerging and highlighting the seriousness of the pandemic and how we can provide the safety we need for our friends, family and selves.


What to keep from all of this:

These brands have built campaigns that utilize their existing core communication messages without straying from their key product or product benefit. And we salute them! 


#StayPositive guys and #KeepRocking! 

Rafaela Bakaliaou

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