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How Important is food styling

How important is food styling?...

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What is VFX?

First things first, if you are not already aware of what VFX means, now will get a grip of its meaning. Basically, it’s short for Visual effects. ...

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The Animation Process

How long does it take for a creative team to bring your idea to life?  ...

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5 brilliant 3D advertisements

Why pay more for 3D art? Can’t we just do a photoshoot?   ...

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Storytelling and Advertising

Advertising your product is a tricky business. Making it stand out amongst the crowd is even trickier.    Nowadays, there are a million different brands with an awesome presence online. So, what will make YOUR product more appealing to the customer? ...

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5+1 times illustrated ad campaigns nailed it

Adidas: Here To Create...

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How high-quality design affects your marketing campaigns

Throughout the past few weeks, business plans had to be revised due to the lockdown and many businesses have transferred their activities online....

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Famous logos recreated due to coronavirus

Efforts have been made around the world to break the chain of COVID-19 causing massive changes to a range of different fields. Stadiums are now closed, restaurants and cafeterias have shuttered their doors and our own life is restricted in our ...

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Spark your creativity while in quarantine

While life in quarantine is not as bad as it sounds, many of us are struggling to find the motive to stay effective and creatively engaged at work. ...

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4 reasons why illustration and advertising go together

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it!  ...

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By Jenny Zaragka | Nov 1, 2018

in Social, Design, Graphic Design

Social Media Image Dimensions - Latest Sizes

I’m not going to lie. Coming up with engaging images for social media to promote your business needs a lot of work and patience!...

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