5 brilliant 3D advertisements

Why pay more for 3D art? Can’t we just do a photoshoot?   

These are some of the most common questions any client would ask.  

Let me enlighten you!

When taking pictures of certain objects, it’s not always easy to show them to their best advantage, especially when it comes to food. For example, in advertising, food has to be mouthwatering, which cannot be done entirely once it’s packaged.  Moreover, bottles and soda cans with their complicated reflections or products made of plastic or aluminium materials are also difficult to photograph.  

When 3D renders are done right, it is an amazing marketing tool which can be used both for product showcase or for much more creative projects. 

3D modelling is every creative director’s happiness since there are no artistic constraints and they can be as creative and innovative as they want. 

You can find below some amazing advertisements that used 3D rendering:


Village Cinemas 

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 17.54.17

Village Cinemas released a video in order to say “Thank you” to their viewers. 

The video combines 3D animations with 2D elements creating a pleasant feel. 



VIBE – Energy Drink

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 17.55.30

Vibe Energy Drinks, did a great job with their advertisements as well. There is a series of 3 different spots with the same concept, which was to “show the impact of Vibe’s energy on real-life objects and how it transforms them to become extreme and powerful”



ΕΒΓΑ – Scandal 2 spoons

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 17.56.23

In order to promote “Scandal 2 Spoons», Evga released this video combining 3D with 2D elements to showcase the ice creams’ ingredients. In this case, the 3D render of the ice cream proved itself very helpful taking the whole video to another level.  Also, they managed to bring out a summery, fresh look inviting the audience to purchase the ice cream.    





Pringles came up with these outstanding 3D rendered compositions showcasing the basic ingredients of each flavour through typography and additional elements such as BBQ (with an actual BBQ on the side), sour cream (with a fridge) and cheese (with a cheese grater). 




Last but not least McDonald’s’ delivery poster is a great example of how a 3D render can be adapted and used in any scenario. 

They successfully combined their signature burger with a motorcycle helmet communicating perfectly the message “Delivered Fast”!

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