Storytelling and Advertising

Advertising your product is a tricky business. Making it stand out amongst the crowd is even trickier.   

Nowadays, there are a million different brands with an awesome presence online. So, what will make YOUR product more appealing to the customer? 

The answer is quite simple. You have to create a compelling story around it. A story that will reach the heart of the consumer and will make him/her unable to stop thinking about your product, service or brand.

There is a common belief that advertising is just about bringing the product right to the face of the targeted audience. However, it’s much more than that. 

You need an advertising agency to come up with ideas for your campaigns; campaigns that will create a trusting and deep connection with the viewer. 

Such ideas should bring back memories, evoke feelings and impress them. 

Some great examples of storytelling marketing can be found below:



Disney is, of course, the master of storytelling so there is no wonder they came up with this awesome and touching scenario.


Eva Stories

Eva Stories campaign began with giant billboards stating What if a girl in the Holocaust had Instagram? 

The whole campaign was the idea of tech and media billionaire Mati Kochavi and his daughter Maya, founder of popular teen platform StelloGirls, aiming to raise awareness about the Holocaust. 

The campaign had a huge impact on people, receiving both negative and positive feedback. However, it achieved its purpose in getting a great amount of engagement from around the globe.



National Geographic

National Geographic is very successfully incorporating storytelling into their social media strategy. 

In order to capture the users’ attention they usually combine powerful, eye-catching images of landscapes and animals with inspirational stories written as captions. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 17.57.40

Keravnos Strovolou– New Contract Announcement

Our very own example of great storytelling is the concept we came up to announce Simon Michael’s contract agreement with Keraunos B.C. 

In our story, Simon Michael visits a fortune-teller who reads his fortune in a coffee cup and sees him passing through a gate and going up against some stairs. Also, she says she sees strikes and thunders (Thunder = Keraunos in Greek), revealing the player in the stadium.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 17.59.24







New call-to-action


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