What are your customers expecting? Catch up!

Opium Works What are your customers expecting? Catch up!

We’ve been and are still living through unprecedented times. 

Marketers & advertisers have been testing the waters, pivoting their strategies and communication for over 3 months now. 

And the testing period is not over. 

Mid- May greets us with a ‘re-opening’ of the world, we’ve started calling it the post-pandemic era. 

But is it really? 


Whilst business have started opening up and the world is returning closer to its previous normality, the COVID era is not yet over. 


What does this mean for marketers? How do we keep adjusting our communication messages now? Do we keep talking about how safely we’re opening up? Do we ignore the pandemic altogether and move onto messages of normality? 

The best way to determine the right move is to listen to our consumers. 


What do they want to hear? 


  • According to Mitto, a survey across 7 countries globally with a sample of 7,000 people conducted as early as April, showed that consumers no longer wanted to hear about COVID-19 related messages. 


  • 77% of consumers stated that they felt brands cared about their well-being based on the advertising they were met with. 53% of consumers said they noticed an increase in advertising and messaging in the last month, deeming the increase appropriate and relevant. Overall, advertising made consumers feel less anxious. 


  • Simultaneously, consumers preferred to hear from essential services- banks, doctors, food retailers rather than door-to-door services. 


So, how do we move forward? 

It appears that advertisers’ efforts and COVID-19 related messages were appreciated by consumers, but they’re ready to move on. 

Take care in conveying your message during this undefined period of time. Consider the fine lines between showing the safety measures your business and moving on to more routine communication. 



Always think about the context of your advertising and what truly needs to be communicated. Think about your platform of choice and what your consumer is looking for when they come across your ad. Are they looking for entertainment or reading about news and world happenings? 

No matter the case, play to the emotional appeal rather than being informational. Get ready to step up once again and connect with your audience, they’ve moved on; Catch up! 


Are you unsure of how you can execute this kind of messaging? Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch, we can guide you through setting up the ultimate digital marketing strategy.

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