Spark your creativity while in quarantine

While life in quarantine is not as bad as it sounds, many of us are struggling to find the motive to stay effective and creatively engaged at work. 


Fortunately, I have some tips to help all visual artists and other creators stay professionally inspired and make the best out of this situation.  After all, we all need a challenge from time to time.


  • Make yourself an inspiring spot


It is very important to have a place where you can think clearly, concentrate and be creative. 

Many of us had to go to the office every day thinking that office equals source of inspiration!  

However, it is much more complex than that. A visual artist can find inspiration in little things and can be affected by anything throughout the day. 

Even in the current situation, we need to find a spot, which can be in the house, in the garden or even in a parking lot, and still be productive.

Equip yourself with whatever you need, like an iPad, noise-cancelling headphones, a sketchbook, coffee and work, work, work, work!


  • Keep a visual journal


A visual journal is a collection of ideas to inspire you and be used later. 

It doesn’t need to be good or bad or even to make any sense. It could be a drawn character, an idea or simply a colour combination.

Keeping a visual journal is a creative exercise that will keep you busy and help you evolve both as a professional and as a person. 

Practice makes perfect!



  • Set your creativity free


There is no doubt that we are going through difficult times, making it harder even for top professionals to concentrate and come up with creative ideas. 

Yet, we should think of it as an opportunity to focus on our art and bring out all those feelings both negative and positive. 

It is known that during or after dark times, different art movements were born and creativity flourished. Let's be a part of this transformation!

Daniel Haspiel, the Emmy-winning illustrator and creator of “ Red Hook” comics stated:

“Look around you. Listen to others. Listen to your heart. Take it in. Let it steep. Make the art. Express yourself.”


  • Audiobooks are your friends


Sometimes you might need something more than just music in your ears in order to be creative. 

Pick your favourite audiobook and keep yourself going. 

There are plenty of books that can motivate you or trigger your creativity instead of overthinking everything. 

You could also choose to listen to some Tedx talks to keep yourself grateful while in quarantine and lift your spirits. These kinds of discussions and ideas will enrich the mind and inspire you! 



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