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Email marketing remains a powerful tool, even nowadays, regardless of what many people might think. Looking into an inductee fact; around 90 billion emails are sent every day for business purposes worldwide. That’s a huge number! That number should make us understand that it’s worth your time to investigate how to optimise your next email campaigns.

No 1 - Get Permission


You must have the permission of your audience in order to send them marketing material. Otherwise, you will have a negative effect on the image of your brand and even legal issues due to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


No 2 - Offer something they can’t avoid


People nowadays receive hundreds of emails each week, promotional, social and other. Your email must ‘‘win’’ them all in order to get the attention of the recipient. They must find information that can not be found anywhere else. Anything that will make them believe that they are getting a great deal from you.


No 3 - Personalisation


Personalisation is something that people want. They like to feel that the offer is unique only to them, that the company respects them for being loyal customers, that they are different from everyone else. Sometimes they like to see that, even if they know it is kind of fake. So, try to have personalised emails to receive better results!



No 4 - Exciting subject line


The subject line is the first ‘’thing’’ customers will see. So, it is extremely important the message they see first, to get their attention and persuade them to click and see the full email. Some experts say that 50% of email work should be spent crafting and testing different subject lines.


No 5 - Create a Sense of Urgency


Studies have found that creating a sense of urgency affects a subscriber’s perception of emails. Knowing that an item, promotion, sale, etc. will soon be gone is a powerful motivator that often prompts them to take action.



No 6 - Optimise for mobile

Statistically, more than 60% of the emails are opened/read on mobile devices these days. Most people will check their inboxes on smartphones, fewer on tablets. If they open an email through their smartphone and they see its shape is disturbed (bad shape of text and images) due to lack of optimisation, they will immediately delete the email. So make sure that your email marketing applies to mobile and tablet users.





And another thing.. Keep testing! There are no guaranteed tips for the ultimate email campaign as the target audience of each company is different. So continue making big and small changes, test the results and adopt those that were successful.

If you want to learn more about email marketing and understand how it will benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you!

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