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Running App Install Campaigns? Read 3 Examples of Successful Strategies

Getting those app installs and even more so building a proper campaign, can be darn tricky. You surely have several questions! Should you go with Android or iOS? Which locations are you targeting? What about the budget? Well, it all depends on your ...

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Facebook’s take over on Messenger Rooms

Facebook’s taking on Zoom is doing a pretty good job! ...

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Facebook launches a new app for couples!

Facebook has just released (quietly in the background) a brand new app called Tuned. This is reportedly a new messaging app which is designed to provide a "private space" for couples to communicate with....

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By Eleonora Xenophontos | Apr 2, 2020

in Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Even though Digital Marketing has been around for years now, people still seem to have the wrong idea regarding some things....

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How To Increase Engagement On Facebook

Finding your customers on social media is one thing, but having them engage with your page and posts is a whole other story!User engagement has been given a lot of thought this past year, especially with the constant algorithm changes on ...

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