Running App Install Campaigns? Read 3 Examples of Successful Strategies

Getting those app installs and even more so building a proper campaign, can be darn tricky. You surely have several questions! Should you go with Android or iOS? Which locations are you targeting? What about the budget? Well, it all depends on your strategy and what you want to get out of this!

App ads can come in all shapes and sizes, so there are a number of ways you can go about it.

So, what makes an app ad successful and what elements are essential for driving installs?

Let’s take a look at 3 examples of brands that really got it done the right way: 


Covve is an AI-powered News Engine that will notify you of news affecting your contacts, and reach out to them at the right time to minimise the risk of losing touch with people.
With a holistic brand strategy, the ultimate goal was to promote Covve as a must–have tool for individuals who have an array of contacts across many different sectors.

The decision they made? Let’s go International!



Covve was to generate more App–Installs in the international market such as Romania, Poland & UK with the challenge to maintain a low cost–per–install through optimisation. 

How did it succeed?

  • Creating outlandish visuals for each campaign: obtaining multiple link clicks and engagement 
  • Highlighted its unique selling points: auto reminders, notifications etc.
  • Went local first - e.g. in Romania and Poland & then broadened up - e.g. in Brazil and South Africa


  • More than 10,000 app international installs on a monthly basis
  • App–Install cost to one-sixth of the initial price
  • Thousands of users converting to the Pro version


Card Scanner

Sick of having scattered cards around your office? That’s what Card Scanner saves you from!

Card Scanner was created from Covve itself and seeked to digitize your contact information by eliminating all that paper waste from business cards by simply scanning them and most importantly, keeping your new contacts in one place: an app!



How it became successful:

  • Identifying the ideal target audience: Going into the industries and people that were in need of it
  • Introducing its unique feature: Scanning cards in multiple languages
  • Went international: due to its unique feature as mentioned.


  • Thousands of purchases of the app



Thinking of what to eat today? Deliveryman has your back!

Deliveryman is an online ordering platform which makes food ordering easy especially when it comes to group orders, via its shared cart feature.

The ad campaign had the aim to outperform local competitors and with continuous monitoring and optimisation on Google Data Studio, the cost per install has been systematically reduced. This enabled the brand to reach their app install campaign goal. 



So, how did it go about it?

  • Incentivizing the audience: Giving out reward & gifts to users when they download the app
  • Went local: Content was localized (texts in the local dialect) and followed trends.
  • Targeting: based on geographical and psychographic segmentations
  • CPC (cost–per–click) search ads: The success depends on how specific the ad is made and landing page to the keyword queried. 


The final result:

  • Became in a very short time, one of the most well-known platforms in the local market

Ready to make some app installs?



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