5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

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Even though Digital Marketing has been around for years now, people still seem to have the wrong idea regarding some things.

Well, look no further, as we are here to debunk 5 of the most heard Myths in the world of Digital Marketing!

Myth #1: Your Ads Should Appeal to As Many People As Possible

What do people think? More Traffic = More Money. 

The common assumption is that more people means more potential customers, which is practically more sales...right?

Well, not exactly!

When you try to appeal to everybody, your message is spread so much that you fail to actually appeal to -pretty much no one- as strongly as you wish. What happens then? You ad gets completely ignored!

For example, take a look at this ad:

5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked


This ad for flowers on Valentine’s day definitely does NOT appeal to the widest possible audience and there are thousands of people who could see this and not be the least bit interested.

Well don’t worry, because that’s not your target audience.

Instead, couples and more specifically men in a relationship should be targeted so when they see this ad, it grabs their attention and can, ultimately, convert.


Myth #2: Retargeting is just annoying

It shouldn’t be if done right!

The goal of retargeting is to engage with your existing audience —for example, a past customer that showed interest in a particular product or service - and re-capture their attention. How do you exactly get attention though by not getting repetitive and annoying?

Retargeting is all about incentivising the customer; perhaps, by presenting a voucher code or to offer exclusive after-sales services and free products once a customer has already engaged or has even purchased.

Your ultimate goal is to re-engage them and continue to build brand loyalty.


Myth #3: More content is always better

5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Ever heard of the saying “less-is-more”? That’s true enough.

The average attention span has definitely declined, and content length, as well as constantly posting something, must follow suit. When you take up too much of your audience’s time, they’re highly likely to lose interest regardless whether you have some good stuff pending.

One exception to this is if the content you produce is of outstanding quality and even news related (such as daily news). If not, then the resources you used to create all that content will go down the drain, and more importantly, it will also bury your brand further down the content saturation trap hole. 

Bottom line: Just focus on creating good quality content, rather than just spread a lot of low-quality content across the internet just to say your brand is everywhere.


Myth #4: Digital Marketing is Easier than Traditional Marketing

We beg to differ!Unless you have a magic wand that instantly builds up your company being top-notch in seconds, then you just need to work on it quite a bit. Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing strategy requires a heck of a lot of work, and in many instances, is even extremely technical work.

Unlike old-school marketing strategies where you practically rely on advertising, digital marketing requires generating a genuine connection to your target audience, engagement and understanding its needs and wants. These issues are harder to tackle instead of merely inserting a bunch of TV or hard copy ads and handing out leaflets in every neighbourhood.

A lot more misconceptions about digital marketing exist out there, so it’s essential to keep yourself updated and be knowledgeable with the latest news so as to avoid falling into these traps.


Myth #5 Results are instant

5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked


When you work hard, you are going to get instant results...isn’t that how it goes? 

Well, the truth is that even if you have put a considerable amount of effort on a campaign, results won’t come in a jiffy! Most of the time, good digital marketing means that obtaining good results will be in the long run. As data is easily tracked you get an avenue to determine if a campaign is bringing good results or not.

Once you get a good grip of your target audience, channels and advertising you should be doing, then great results will be skyrocketing.




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