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My beloved marketeers, since TikTok launched in 2017, brands have been trying to wrap their minds around this video platform. 

Now, many are realizing that the key to brand awareness might involve sponsoring influencer content on the app. Oops! #Shocking :) 

Why does influencer marketing make sense?  I got you 2 reasons!! 

Reason 1: Efficiency & ease of use

Rather than spending weeks or months analyzing the app and its audiences, you can work with an influencer who has a decent number of followers, videos with high engagement, and a visible track record of reaching the TikTok audience.

Reason 2: Time, Money & Resources

Instead of spending time, money and resources creating your own videos trying endlessly to find your voice and your audience you can work with someone who’s already ‘established’.

An influencer who already has a large, engaged audience and can create quality content for you.


If you don't have the funds to pay an influencer, co-marketing and creating TikTok content with a user or brand that has a greater following than yours and will help your audiences learn about the person or brand you're co-marketing with, while their audience can learn more about you.


When it comes to most social media channels, influencer marketing, sponsored content, or co-marketing can be an incredibly beneficial way to spread awareness about your brand to a new platform.


Even though influencer marketing and sponsored content might seem like a great idea, you still might not be sure of where to start when it comes to finding and identifying people or companies to work with -- especially on a new platform like TikTok.


I know that influencer marketing seems a GREAT idea but you might still have concerns whether or not to invest on this new channel or even maybe who you should choose for your campaign or which agency can actually help you with. 


No worries, I got your back once more! 


With a little help from my friends at Hubspot, I gathered 3 simple tactics that can help you understand what makes a successful Tik Tok campaign. 

So, what does makes a successful TikTok influencer campaign?

If you're interested in leveraging influencers on TikTok or another social platform, keep these ideas in mind as you vet them and work with them to create interesting content:

  1. Look for influencers who have a strong sense of what great content is on their platform: You should also check out an influencer's video comments, like-counts, and followers to see if they have established a following.

  2. Vet influencers that might have a similar audience: This might make their endorsements of you feel more natural and less like an ad. A great example of this is how Run Around sponsored content from a mobile gamer with a high TikTok following.

  3. Brainstorm ideas that align well with the influencer's content and as well as your brand's goals: If the influencer doesn't have any ideas in mind, pitch content that quickly grabs attention from fast-paced social media audiences and concisely explains why your product matters to them.


I got just for you 3 of my favorite campaigns on Tik Tok just so I can give you an idea that when it comes to Social Media content there is NO LIMIT!!


1. Mucinex

One of the biggest influencer campaigns on TikTok so far has been Mucinex, which recently worked with a handful of creators to promote its product in the time between Halloween and flu season.


In the various videos, influencers wake up looking like goofy zombies. Then, they grab Mucinex. After that, the videos cut to the influencers looking fabulous and dressed for a night out. The idea is that Mucinex can help you recover in time for a weekend party, even if you feel like dying.


In one example of the Mucinex videos, OurFire, an account with over 2.4 million followers that follows two siblings, shows the sister and brother de-zombifying themselves before a party.


2. Too Faced

To spread awareness for Too Faced's new Damn Girl Mascara, the cosmetics brand sponsored a video from top TikTok user Kristen Hancher. In the video, Hancher, a vlogger with more than 23 million TikTok followers, sings to the camera with no eye makeup on. The video then cuts to her singing with Too Faced mascara on, as she flashes the mascara bottle in front of the camera.


3. Just Dance 2019

In another video game-oriented post, an influencer named Jelina posted a sponsored duet video with a character from Just Dance 2019. During the duet, the influencer follows the same dance steps as the character on the right of the video.


For those who are familiar with Just Dance games, each edition of the game allows you to follow the dance steps of cartoon characters to the sounds of popular music. The games can also record you dancing next to the characters, so you can see how close your steps were to their own.


With TikTok's Duet feature, which allows you to see two videos back-to-back, Jelina, the influencer, nearly mimics the playback experience that you get when you're playing the Just Dance games.


Fingers Crossed you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoy Tik Tok videos and pizza! 😂🍕


Feel free to ask us anything in the comments below or drop me an email if you wish to discuss more about Tik Tok videos! 😎



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