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Digital Marketing Freak. Social Media Addict and a wannabe Growth Hacker. On my free time I train dragons. Strongly believe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and a social media overreaction! Want to be a Digital Marketing Ninja, you? #GrowthHackingMindset #GottaLoveOpium
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We partnered up with Pinterest and we organized an exclusive workshop!

  We are super excited to announce that we partnered up with Pinterest and organized a 2-day workshop for our Client Partners with the aim to discover the possibilities of advertising with Pinterest!   The workshop took place at O.W. Digital offices ...

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Instagram: ΤΕΛΟΣ στα 'swipe up'

  Το Instagram καταργεί το "swipe-up" functionality στα Instagram Stories ξεκινώντας από τις 30 Αυγούστου. 🤯...

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Μπορεί να είναι μια νέα χρονιά, αλλά η συνεχιζόμενη πανδημία Covid-19 σημαίνει ότι οι προκλήσεις για τα καταστήματα και γενικά για το λιανικό εμπόριο όλο και αυξάνονται. Και ενώ διανύουμε “πανηγυρικά” το 2ο μας lockdown, το οποίο έχει αναγκάσει όλα ...

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What is TikTok? And should your brand be creating content for the highly addictive video platform? As marketers, we need to be aware of every trend coming our way, so we can build better campaigns and stay on top of the competition. Many marketing ...

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How to create a marketing plan for your business- Part II

Improve the success of your organization and grow your business Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan Once you’ve read and decided which marketing plan is better for you here,  you’ll probably wonder how to build your marketing strategy. ...

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Ένα και μόνο σπουδαίο προϊόν, μπορεί να αποτελέσει τον πυρήνα μιας επιχείρησης, όμως για σωστή ανάπτυξη και επιτυχία, χρειάζεται μια αξιόλογη marketing στρατηγική και ένα ακόμη πιο αξιόλογο πλάνο....

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4 Marketing Plan Examples to Help You Write Your Own.

Hubspot, our trusted partner, found the best marketing plan examples and created a dedicated article, explaining the reasons why each one of them is successful. Let’s dig into their insights in a blog post dedicated to marketers. Get a grip on how ...

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How to create a marketing plan for your business!

Improve the success of your organization and grow your business When starting your own business, you usually need a business plan. But what about when you want to grow your business and reach more potential clients? That’s when you need a marketing ...

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Τα Brands, οι Marketers και το lockdown  

Ζούμε σε παράξενους καιρούς, με τον COVID-19 να έχει αλλάξει τις καθημερινές μας συνήθειες και να έχει επηρεάσει την οικονομία, τις επιχειρήσεις αλλά και την συμπεριφορά των καταναλωτών. ...

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Tik Tok WHAT? What makes a successful TikTok influencer campaign!

My beloved marketeers, since TikTok launched in 2017, brands have been trying to wrap their minds around this video platform. ...

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NEW Facebook Design Changes!

Text and Aspect Ratios on Mobile News Feed to be changed by August 19th, 2019 Change is here!!  You all remember the very promising changes announced by Mr Mark Zuckerberg earlier in the year that will affect & change how we interact and use ...

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How to Grow Your Instagram for beauty brands!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the ‘grammest of them all? Instagram, with its celebration of breathtaking imagery and self-expression, seems custom-made for the beauty world. The perfect channel for Beauty Brands!...

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