How To Increase Engagement On Facebook


Finding your customers on social media is one thing, but having them engage with your page and posts is a whole other story!User engagement has been given a lot of thought this past year, especially with the constant algorithm changes on Facebook. This causes certain difficulties for businesses in terms of drawing in new customers and even retaining old ones.

Backstage Stories

Facebook Engagement 2The key is to humanize your brand. No one likes a company that cares only about generating profit, so you have to be doing just the opposite – showing your buyers that you care!
Scratch out your usual product photos and start showing what goes on behind the scenes of your brand once in a while. Users love to see the people behind a business, as it automatically demonstrates that you’re not just an impersonal brand who is after their money, but a brand with a personality!
This type of posts tends to result in increasing amounts of customer engagement, which simply means that people are loving it.

Be Up-To-Date

Facebook Engagement 3-1

Do you know what the latest trend is? How about an upcoming event that relates to your brand? In order to stay relevant to your audience, you have to know what ticks their boxes. Try and stay up-to-date with anything new that concerns your followers and your industry as a whole, and post something that will grab their attention at that given time! For example, if you work for a sports apparel store, you might want to mention that exciting football final that’s coming up, or the city marathon that everyone wants to participate in. Whatever your industry is, stay updated on what’s going on in your surrounding environment and engage people in your posts.


Invest in Ads

Facebook Engagement 4

Since organic reach has started to decline from the very beginning of 2018, ad creation has definitely become more popular on Facebook.
Facebook has minimized brand exposure and you therefore need to be investing in ads, so as to have a larger visibility in the world of social media.

Tip: Some important factors to consider when making those ads are:
Good content (e.g. photo or video)
Smart caption (text)
The right target audience
A good amount of budget

Taking these tips into consideration, your ads will gain larger success rates and you’ll consequently notice an increase on the number of your likes, followers and ultimately your organic reach and post engagement!
You have to make money to earn money after all.

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