5+1 "less is more" copywriting examples

Since the beginning of advertising, marketers have known that producing carefully crafted, compelling copywriting has a profound impact on how customers perceive the brand they represent....

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How to be a social word ninja

Many copywriting basics still apply to social media. That includes tested and proved formulas (which most marketers should be familiar with) and with a quick Google search, you can find tons. However, finding the most effective ones is always ...

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Web banner design tips to get more clicks


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By Virginia Sakka | Apr 2, 2020

in Marketing, Copywriting

What is Copywriting, anyway?

You’ve either never heard of the term “Copywriting” before, or you heard it for the first time from your advertising agency that suggested using this service for your brand… and probably you thought…”What the heck is a copywriter and why do I need ...

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Email Marketing: Are You Doing It Right?

Email marketing should play an integral part in your company’s overall inbound strategy. Inbound marketing is centred around human connection, and email allows you to build strong relationships with your clients through highly personalised ...

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5 Things To Avoid When Writing For Social Media

What distinguishes a good writer from a poor one? I can think of two things: empathy and adaptability....

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