4 Ways To Make Your Valentine Copy Pop

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is here and companies have already started implementing their marketing strategy, visuals and copy. Being one of the most profitable events of the year, Valentine’s Day can be an excellent opportunity for a brand to connect with its customers through a more romantic and intimate context. So how can a Valentine’s day copy of a brand reach the hearts of their target audience? Let’s find out!


  1. Create an experience related to your brand: Every company should be connecting with its target audience using the characteristics and tone of voice it represents them most! For instance, a telecommunication company cannot communicate with its customers the same way as a restaurant would. By staying loyal to a company’s uniqueness it would not only increase brand awareness but also it would make it stand out from the crowd. 

  2. Include everyone in your copy: Valentine’s day is not only a day for couples to celebrate their love for each other but also for single people who want to express their fondness to their dear ones. A copywriter should make sure that the words and language they use include everyone. An example of inclusion is: “Shower yourself or the ones you hold dearest with extra love this Valentine’s day, by benefiting from our 50% off sale!” 

  3. Use clever storytelling to communicate your message: The technique of storytelling in copywriting can be a powerful marketing tool. When used correctly, not only the message can be received by the desired target audience, but also resonate with them. For Valentine’s day, a copywriter can utilize this tool by creating a heartfelt or satirical copy that a target audience can relate to. In other words, to compose a copy that will create an emotional experience for the receiver.

  4. Research and come up with out-of-the-box ideas: Just like Christmas, Valentine’s day is flooded with marketing messages and cliché phrases such as “Be my Valentine” or “Roses are red, violets are blue…”, that a shopper or a client can get overwhelmed by. A copywriter should research its competitors or other brands that had bold and unique ideas that captured the attention of their audience in the past. Then a brainstorming session should be conducted with the rest of their marketing team to gather fresh ideas and original copy.

Valentine’s day can be an overwhelming experience for digital marketers, graphic designers, and copywriters, as the need for authentic and memorable content is high. However, if a marketer rises to the occasion not only it would be considered by their target audience as relatable, adaptable, and approachable, but also it would create a new point of view for their brand.


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