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5 Reasons Why Copywriting Will Lead A Brand To Success

When it comes to a brand’s overall success, copywriting plays a significant role. If a brand does not choose to have its own brand voice or use the right copywriting strategies, it should not expect to have great results and meaningful connections ...

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Top 4 Inspiring Summer Campaigns Of 2021

Summer is one of the most important seasons for brands. During this period, fun and inspiring content are being released to create new connections with the target audience. One of the most impactful ways which a brand can communicate its values and ...

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4 Reasons Why Copy & Design Are The Ultimate Content Combo

Brands are always looking for ways to engage and communicate with their target audience. For a brand to be successful in the digital world, it needs to set a strong presence on its social media platforms. ...

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2022 Pinterest Trends That Are A Must For Brands

Pinterest is the platform of tomorrow. Users are able to pin their likings to create boards of ideas for their future purchases and likings. Furthermore, a brand can see into the future as well and prepare accordingly, in order to keep up with the ...

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The Top 3 Reasons A Brand Needs To Join Pinterest

Pinterest has over 440 million active users on its platform. Its users are dedicated to discovering new ideas about their everyday life and their active data are crucial to a brand’s campaign success. ...

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How To Make Your Email Subject Line Eye-Catching

At least once in one’s life, everyone has experienced the annoying and overwhelming email inbox from brands who are desperately trying to grab the attention of their target audience. This phenomenon happens only when brands or copywriters have ...

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4 Ways To Make Your Valentine Copy Pop

Valentine’s day is here and companies have already started implementing their marketing strategy, visuals and copy. Being one of the most profitable events of the year, Valentine’s Day can be an excellent opportunity for a brand to connect with its ...

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Who Am I Speaking To? Identify Your Brand Voice

Due to the increased digital content online, the attention span of users is getting shorter throughout the years. Having a distinctive tone of voice is vital to leave a strong first impression of a business. A successful tone of voice reflects the ...

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By Theodosia Italou | Nov 17, 2021

in Writing, Copywriting

How To Get Over Your Writer’s Block

Coming up with creative ideas can be challenging at times especially in writing. ...

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6 Tips To Improve Your Christmas Copy

During the Christmas holidays, there is an overwhelming amount of content targeted towards consumers. Consequently, throughout the years' many types of content and writing have become cliches such as ‘Naughty or Nice’, ‘Tis the season', or parodies ...

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