How To Get Over Your Writer’s Block

Coming up with creative ideas can be challenging at times especially in writing. 

Whether you are a copywriter, a journalist, an author, or just someone who likes to express themselves in writing, then you must have definitely experienced in the past a writer’s block. 


What is a writer’s block?

A writer’s block is a psychological state when one is unable to create a writing piece because of a mental block. Also, this phenomenon comes from the author’s various negative feelings regarding the act of creative writing itself. A writer’s block is not a laughing matter, as it can affect a person from hours to weeks or even whole months. This does not mean that a person has no writing skills but it rather means that they need a creative refreshment to spark them. 


Luckily, there are 5 tips to help someone bounce back in the writing game with a sense of excitement and purpose.


How to overcome a writer’s block: 


  1. Create a writing routine: Inserting a routine into your writing habits is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Contrary to popular belief that creativity should not be pressured, having consistent writing habits can exercise your mind into more creative pathways.

  2. Change it up with non-writing activities: One of the best ways to get unstuck from writer’s block is to do something else entirely. For example, going to a concert or the cinema, cooking or exercising- anything that can make you immerse in the moment can ignite the spark of creativity.

  3. Make amends with your inner critic: They say that the biggest critic in your life is yourself. That is undoubtedly true but you shouldn’t eliminate that voice for good. Instead, you need to develop a balanced relationship between yourself and your critical voice so you can focus on what’s necessary and what’s just plainly insecure thoughts. 

  4. Freewrite something else: If you have spent long hours trying to push yourself through your writer’s block with no successful results then you should stop immediately and write about anything else. It can be your thoughts or a small story about a real or imaginary character. 

  5. Eliminate distractions: Living in a digital era, our world is filled with distractions that might hinder our ability to focus on our writing tasks. Luckily, there are a few media tools like Freedom or Ommwriter that block unnecessary sites until you have reached your writing goal. 


Overcoming writer’s block is often a sensitive procedure that is unique for each individual. If a writer chooses to address it immediately, they will certainly conquer their self-doubt and start to create good writing content rather than a perfect one. However, if a writer has tried to overcome their writer’s block and they have seen no success, then maybe the issue comes from a deeper place that might need to be addressed in a more professional environment.



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