6 Tips To Improve Your Christmas Copy

During the Christmas holidays, there is an overwhelming amount of content targeted towards consumers. Consequently, throughout the years' many types of content and writing have become cliches such as ‘Naughty or Nice’, ‘Tis the season', or parodies of popular Christmas songs. In this case, when a company wants to elevate their Christmas copywriting they need to find ways to promote their brand in a more subtle and unique way by altering their past techniques into a new kind of messaging.


Luckily, there are some ‘Holiday’ copywriting tips for a business to follow in order to create content that will resonate with its target audience. These include:


  1. Tone Of Voice: When you are creating holiday-themed copywriting material you should not use a serious and business-like tone. Instead, try to use a more cheerful and friendly tone. Using a more approachable tone of voice you can ignite a warm atmosphere with your target audience and it can generate relevancy for your business.

  2. Storytelling: Many brands use their unique elements and then they try to combine them with an ideal story that sends positive and warm emotions to their audience. Particularly, an effective Christmas story can bring back fond memories from the audience’s childhood, and they in return, are able to associate the brand with these memories and emotions. Storytelling is a very beneficial technique that will not only raise your brand’s awareness but also even lead to an increase in sales.

  3. Message Oriented: When writing copy or creating holiday-themed content you should be careful not to be too sales-oriented. Instead, you should focus on the message of the story rather than trying to sell your products or services. Even a simple mention of a brand can leave an impression on your audience.

  4. Quality over Quantity: You should not bombard your audience with constant content. During Christmas, there is intense competition between brands to gain the attention of their target audience. This phenomenon makes many users feel overwhelmed when a brand ‘tries too hard’. Your digital marketing campaign should be focused on releasing subtle quality content that celebrates and hints at the holiday season but it’s not solely based on that material alone.

  5. Be timely: Don’t start posting your content too early. Many people love Christmas but in the right time and context. An ideal way to release your copy will be subtle and slow. Specifically, you can start with a few hints from the beginning of November and slowly build until mid-to-late December. 

  6. Stay Organized & Focused: Make sure you have a clear plan when you are writing or creating your content. Start your planning early and update your content if necessary.  Try to remind yourself why you decided to create this content in the first place. When you are trying to define your goal of a post or a story, ask yourself: Is it meant to educate, to inspire, or to take a certain action? Having a clear message and plan avoids future confusion with your leads and customers.


Creating content during Christmas can be a challenge for every business. From competition to cliché symbolisms and over-the-top phrases, a company should approach the holiday season with other copywriting techniques and tactics. Marketers should adjust their content as well as their audience is also evolving and changing throughout time. 

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