Who Am I Speaking To? Identify Your Brand Voice

Due to the increased digital content online, the attention span of users is getting shorter throughout the years. Having a distinctive tone of voice is vital to leave a strong first impression of a business. A successful tone of voice reflects the brand’s persona and creates an effective dialogue between the company and the customer. 


What is a brand tone of voice?

When it comes to the tone of voice in a brand, it’s the reflection of their ‘personality’ or ‘identity’ using written expression. To put it more simply, a tone of voice is how you want your audience to imagine you as if you were speaking to them directly! 


Why should I use a tone of voice?

Using a tone of voice in your brand can create a united character in all your communication platforms which in return can bring an increase in recognition and sales. Also, having a consistent tone of voice can make your brand stand out from the competition and it can create trust with your audience as they are getting more familiar with your brand. Consequently, having a unified tone can influence and persuade your audience much more effectively as you have created a consistent trust between your brand and your audience.


How do I define my brand’s tone of voice?

In order to define your brand’s tone of voice, you should conduct an in-depth research that will help you to find out more about who your brand is and who your ideal target audience is. To figure out your company’s tone of voice you can follow the steps below:


  1. Learn more about your audience: Your audience needs to feel like you understand who they are and what their needs are. You can define your buyer’s personality by using either demographic research such as age, location, and occupation or behavioral research, like what communication channels they use and what content they prefer consuming.

  2. Learn more about your brand’s values: Figuring out what your brand stands for, can ensure that you will identify the community surrounding your brand and it can nurture and sustain your relationships with your customers. You should also create a mission statement that reflects the core values of your company. 

  3. Create an Audit: Look at your past content and attempts to communicate with your audience to identify how your brand sounds at the present. By doing this you can discover how your audience and research aligns with your current brand voice and how it can be altered to fit your new persona. 

  4. Define the Tone Of Voice: By using the gathered information and research from the previous steps you can now incorporate all of them to define your company’s tone of voice. You can do this by identifying which end of the spectrum your brand wants to sound like. For example, do you want your brand to be serious or funny? Formal or informal?


In conclusion, a tone of voice is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s the part of your strategy that is going to leave a positive impression on potential customers. Having a unique personality can separate your brand from other competitors that fight to get the attention of your target audience. Using the right language of expression you can help your brand get its message across and communicate with your customers effectively.


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