The Top 3 Reasons A Brand Needs To Join Pinterest

Pinterest has over 440 million active users on its platform. Its users are dedicated to discovering new ideas about their everyday life and their active data are crucial to a brand’s campaign success. 


Many marketers may ask: Isn’t a brand supposed to be focused more on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok? Not necessarily. 

Here are some surprising facts about the platform:

  • Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms to generate leads while becoming viral.
  • Its commonly perceived as the “drawer of ideas” with over 200 billions of content.
  • 83% of consumers, before they decide to purchase a product, they go to Pinterest for inspiration.

Pinterest is the place where ideas and trends are born. Specifically, users are able to create visual boards out of their likings and ideas, creating a unique way of profiling a target audience and locating new trends. A brand should start planning around those moments in order to spark consumer actions.


Those visual boards are valuable for a brand as they can create opportunities to connect, enable, associate, and spark their audience’s interest. Also, a company can create interesting and engaging ads to promote its products and services while setting its authority in the market.



So, how can a brand benefit inside of this platform?

  1. Increase website traffic - Pinterest is an excellent way to guide potential customers to your website while raising brand awareness. Blogs, posts, articles- any content that a brand can share, can be utilized to bring more people to their website. 

  2. Expand audience- As mentioned before, Pinterest has over 440 million active users. This means that a brand can definitely expand its clientele by promoting on the platform. Plus, a brand can check out its progress by using the analytics feature for businesses on the platform.

  3. Develop brand authority- As a trendsetter,  Pinterest can be the ideal place to get a headstart from the competition, by identifying upcoming trends and providing educational and engaging information to its target audience. Annual celebrations and events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter are important points of the year that a brand can leverage for its success. Additionally, a brand can show its creative and humane side on the platform to appeal more approachable to users.

From expanding the audience reach to generating leads to its website, it is clear to see, that a brand can definitely benefit from Pinterest. 


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