4 Reasons Why Copy & Design Are The Ultimate Content Combo

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Brands are always looking for ways to engage and communicate with their target audience. For a brand to be successful in the digital world, it needs to set a strong presence on its social media platforms. 


That’s where creative content marketing comes in. With the support of the copywriting and design team, a brand’s content takes life and establishes its unique character in the marketing arena. 


A compelling visual or video content and an impactful copy, make the perfect pair for an effective digital campaign. If a piece of content has a bad-written copy and a great visual or vice versa, then a brand should be certain that its digital strategies will not leave a positive impression on its audience.


So, what are the actual key benefits for a brand when the copy and design creatives join forces?


Let’s find out!


Content Increases Value: 


Grabbing the attention of a brand’s target audience is very important, as the attention span of digital users is shorter than ever before. Due to their daily exposure to jam-packed content on the Internet, the best approach to capture and hold their attention is through engaging content that brings them value. 


In fact, according to other media experts, the use of infographics or visual cues increases the chances for viewership and engagement by 120% to 180%!


Also, for a brand to have successful digital content it should aim to understand its target audience by understanding its needs and goals. Even if a post has a long copy or a busy visual, if your target audience finds the information shared, valuable then a connection will be certainly developed.

Visuals Are Memorable:


Did you know that our brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text?


Visual content enriches the experience for a user, as a person can retain information much easier with a few visual cues rather than only written content. Don’t get us wrong, copy is vital for a brand to sell its products and services, but it could not stand on its own without an eye-catching visual! 


SEO Content Ranks High On Google:


SEO does not only apply to copy text but it can be applied to visual content as well. Search engines can recognize images and they can boost a brand’s marketing content towards the first page. Additionally, in the past, Google has changed numerous times its algorithms to offer consistent quality content to its digital users. 


A copywriter and a graphic designer should create up-to-date SEO friendly content so that it reaches their target audience. A copywriter should use several keywords that rank high in search engines and a graphic designer should create high-quality visuals and infographics, to compliment the written content.

Copy Elevates Your Visuals:


Visual Content can capture the attention of an audience, but a copy text can guide and hold the attention of a brand’s readers. As mentioned above, just like a catchy copy needs its attention-grabbing visual, a great marketing visual is also not complete without an intriguing copy. By using the right words and expressions, a potential client can be informed and persuaded to perform a Call-To-Action. (CTA)

The most successful campaigns in the marketing world were created and brought to life by one of the most creative copywriting professionals and graphic designers. Implementing both of them in digital campaigns or social media strategies can certainly make a brand flourish and stand out from its competitors. 







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