Top 4 Inspiring Summer Campaigns Of 2021

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Summer is one of the most important seasons for brands. During this period, fun and inspiring content are being released to create new connections with the target audience. One of the most impactful ways which a brand can communicate its values and personas is through impeccable communication messages!

We made a list of our top summer campaigns from 2021 to create inspiration for a brand’s upcoming brainstorming sessions. So let’s begin!

Coca-Cola With The Message “Open For Summer”:

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand Coca-Cola had decided in 2021, to inspire and encourage its audience by welcoming back pre-covid activities such as family gatherings, going to the cinema etc. Using poetic and approachable language, the “Open For Summer” slogan represented the whole campaign and its vague meaning was purposely created to leave interpretation open for users. Also, they utilized 24 poems and at each one, they described each activity poetically to get their target audience thrilled for the return of summer activities.


McDonald’s With the Message “Together and lovin’ it!”

After in-restaurant dining COVID-19 restrictions, McDonald’s in Australia decided to take another approach during the summer of 2021 by showcasing the feeling of togetherness in the space of a car. As they offer a drive-through service this campaign targeted to increase it and show the beauty of eating together and going on adventures with the people we feel closest to.
Furthermore, their communication message “Together and lovin’ it!” is an excellent twist on their iconic tagline “I’m lovin’ it!”. In this way, this campaign was successful with its users as they used an iconic catchphrase and adjusted it to the situation at the time.



Nike With The Message “Best Day Ever”

In July 2021 the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics took place and various businesses took the opportunity to incorporate their brand into a series of ad campaigns. In this case, Nike had made a huge impression on users with their campaign “Best Day Ever”. This campaign focuses on the idea of tomorrow and the aspiring goals that every athlete and person, in general, may have.

This campaign utilized the method of storytelling and minimal captions to portray the brand’s perception of the ‘best day ever’.



Snickers With The Message "Can't chill? Maybe you just need a Snickers Ice Cream"

For the summer of 2021 Snickers kickstarted its campaign with a series of Ad videos that showcased different kinds of people who can’t seem to relax on their vacation. In each scenario, a different situation is presented which is relatable and humorous. With their main tagline "Can't chill? Maybe you just need a Snickers Ice Cream" Snickers created a flexible and catchy slogan that can be adjusted and implemented in any situation they choose to present.


Fun fact: This ad campaign utilized weather-based triggers on various social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, so that whenever the temperature rises in certain markets this ad campaign was shown.



It's clear that in 2021 many campaigns out there focused on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities. Although, the needs and wants of a brand’s target audience are ever-evolving leading to the need for new approaches and strategies for the summer campaigns of 2022.

Our Advice: Make sure you know your clients, stay consistent and relatable with your messaging and focus on inspiring and feeling-good content that would connect to your target audience best.


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