5 Trendy Features To Level Up Your TikTok

Even with all the ways to create, consume and share video online, there’s something about TikTok that makes it special. We are going to share 5 creative features that you must start using as soon as possible, whether you are a user or a business. See what you can do with a little creativity and a lot of technology:



Have you wondered why you have recently heard robotic women's voices all around social media? Guess no more - it is one of the most viral Tiktok's features. 

You can turn your text into a robot voice and make your content more engaging! Type the text on your filmed Tiktok and tap on it; you will see the Text-To-Speech feature. It is a very great tool for both, users and businesses, as it allows to personify and narrate anything and anyone. Get creative: reveal your internal monologue, humanise your pets, misspell on purpose, personify objects or simply become a storyteller.



With all the visual elements you can add to your TikTok videos, it's easy to express yourself like never before. Effects and filters are a simple yet a complicated tool that you have to start using now. We have to inform you that some effects can only be applied before filming a Tiktok, and some only after you have already filmed. 

In the bottom left of a Tiktok camera, there is a library of countless effects falling in categories of "Funny", "Green Screen", "Appearance", "World AR", "Events" and many more. Furthermore, a recent new feature allows creators and businesses to upload their own effects to the platform. If you want to be a part of the Tiktoks' community you must explore them all and start integrating them into your content.

Seamless Transitions


With Tiktok transitions, you can add an extra punch to your videos. A transition lets you quickly and visually switch from one video to another. You can choose from a range of slick, easy-to-use transitions that help to make your Tiktok videos awesome. Bam! 

Most of the platform's creators share their tips & tricks on new unique transitions you should try, so what are you waiting for? Because, let's be honest, once you see someone nail a transition, your eyes become glued to the screen and you rewatch the video more than just once.


Trending Sounds

Let's face it, sound is just as important as your visuals when it comes to creating videos. The best video creators know that. With hundreds of free sounds, TikTok offers endless opportunities to create awesome videos! 

Trending sounds help your videos become more noticed and even go viral. Just make sure not to waste too much time and hop on a trend as soon as you notice one. Also, do not forget to combine it with the Text-To-Speech feature, It will help you to grab attention and engage with your viewers.



CapCut is a free video editing app which belongs to ByteDance, which also owns Tiktok. Both, Tiktok and CapCut, merged some of their features, which takes content creation to the next level. CapCut's powerful editing tools make it easy and fast to record voice overs, perfect the transitions, add animation effects, and many more.

The content created via CapCut which has been published on Tiktok has attained over 636.8B views. The significant numbers prove the popularity and ease of use of the free editing app. CapCut amazing features' also became the trends within, with the most recent ones being #3DPhoto and #AroundTheWorld.

Inspired by these tips, but still unsure how to create an effective TikTok strategy? How about we help you?


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