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Instagram Videos Reconditioned

Over the past 3 months, 5 updates were applied which had to do with the improvement of Reels. We have witnessed the updates of:...

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5 Trendy Features To Level Up Your TikTok

Even with all the ways to create, consume and share video online, there’s something about TikTok that makes it special. We are going to share 5 creative features that you must start using as soon as possible, whether you are a user or a business. ...

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How to get on TikTok's For You Page (FYP)

TikTok is a global phenomenon that was recently named one of the fastest-growing apps in history. It’s no surprise that brands want to get in on the action as well. However, TikTok is a platform with its own language which one has to familiarize ...

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TikTok Kitchen: how to stay at the top of the food chain!

  If you’ve been on the internet in the past year you have definitely heard of recipes such as Feta pasta, Dalgona coffee, Pancake cereal, Mariko salmon rice and Garden focaccia. Especially if you’ve been on TikTok 🤤...

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