TikTok Kitchen: how to stay at the top of the food chain!


If you’ve been on the internet in the past year you have definitely heard of recipes such as Feta pasta, Dalgona coffee, Pancake cereal, Mariko salmon rice, and Garden focaccia. Especially if you’ve been on TikTok 🤤

Chances are, you have even tried to cook some viral meals and post them on social media yourself! In the abundance of constantly rising food trends there comes a slight issue: a person could never possibly cook and eat every viral recipe they see on the internet…

So, just when you thought it is impossible to try all these recipes in a lifetime there comes Tiktok Kitchen. The new concept will benefit both: the cooks and the foodies. 🍝


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Tiktok Kitchen is an upcoming service that will include a food-delivery service based on the app’s most viral recipes. In addition, Tiktok promises to share the profits with the original creators of the recipes, supporting the upcoming culinary talents!

The viral meals will be prepared by local restaurants, that will be purchased on TikTok and delivered by Grubhub in the US.
For now, we are expecting about 1,000 TikTok Kitchen points in the USA, however, with a non-stop growth of the platform, it is only a matter of time before we witness the extension of the service in other countries around the globe.



So, if you are a foodie or growing your F&B business here are the points you should consider for the near future:


  • The earlier your brand creates a TikTok account the better, it can soon become too saturated

  • Start understanding the TikTok environment, it has many unspoken rules and a specific sense of humor/TOV

  • Adapt your content to the shorter attention span, remember you only have 15 seconds to impress

  • Invest in food styling- you can read more about its significance in our article!

  • Think strategically, TikTok is all about going viral, preserving the brand’s character but following the trends to succeed!


Let's create content together! 








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