Need Reels Ideas? Learn how to repurpose your content!


Have you heard about repurposing your content? If not, you have to catch up on it ASAP, as it will benefit your brand and your personal time in many ways.

So, what exactly is content-repurposing? The concept of content repurposing is all about reusing the existing content you have acquired and giving it a new life. Repurposing the content means either extending its purpose or reinventing it via new formats. There are so many creative ways to go about it, however, Instagram Reels are currently a very desired format and channel to achieve it.

These are some of the ways that repurposing content via Reels can be done:

  • Photography Reel
  • Landscape Video to a Reel
  • Snippets of old Videos to a Reel
  • UGC(User Generated content) to a Reel
  • Data to an Infographic Reel
  • Quotes / Lyrics to a Reel
  • Podcasts to a Reel

Now that we have established what repurposing is, you may still wonder what’s so great about it and why you should consider actually doing it instead of just creating your content from nothing. Let’s break it down!

The biggest benefit of repurposed content is the savings you can achieve on the production costs and time, as the time is mostly dedicated to the post-production directly. 

Another benefit is repetition; there are better chances your audience will memorize something if they see it twice. Think about it! This is exactly how advertising works, except with content-repurposing, you can do it in a more natural and organic manner.

Lastly, it adds on the integrated campaign feel; since the color palette, graphics and concept are similar, they create a unified visual and emotional look on social media, as well as the whole campaign. This is exactly what digital branding strategy is all about.

Enough theory, and more practice! Get inspired by having a look at how exactly we have repurposed the content for some of our clients:


For Mitsides, Cypriot Pasta & Flour producers, we focused on the reworking of their Video Recipes. We shortened their 3-minute videos to 30 seconds, as well as snipped the landscape into 9:16 format. Lastly, we also added a snappy, yet relevant, text of the recipe shown in the short video and some fitting music for a quick, all-encompassing experience.

@mitsidescyprus Pasta with Lemon, Shrimp and Pesto. Simply perfect for pasta lovers!Discover the recipe on our website: #MitsidesCyprus #FoodLoversCy #FoodAddict #Chef #Cooking ♬ Yummy - Justin Bieber

Leptos Hotels & Resorts

Our team went on a content production for Leptos Hotels & Resorts; a leading brand in estates and resorts. After researching the trends related to Hotels & Traveling, we repurposed the content from that production into a Reel. Additionally, we also came up with an idea on how to gather UGC from different sources and sprinkled it with vacational storytelling. As a result, we achieved trendy Reels and an integrated campaigns’ feel.


SHARK Energy

Shark Energy is an energy drink brand. We often work with the company’s existing assets, as well as create original content for them. Repurposing their content into Reels was something new for us and for them. To transform the existing content into Reels we had to initially find the appropriate trends that would suit the client. We then used pictures and added platform-native filters on them, occasionally applied 3D filters on pictures to make them look like videos, and also mixed some UGC with pictures to enhance their storytelling.


Do you also have a lot of content that you believe can be repurposed? There is no time to lose!


Let's create content together! 



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