Instagram Videos Reconditioned

Over the past 3 months, 5 updates were applied which had to do with the improvement of Reels. We have witnessed the updates of:

  • Video prolongation to 90 seconds
  • Interactive stickers such as Polls, Quizzes & Questions
  • Feed redesign to 9:16 dimensions
  • Templates for an easier montage
  • Creator Marketplace

With the platform's focus and push on Reels, it’s no surprise that Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced it will remain the only video format on Instagram.

Here is what we already know:

Reels will be the only format on the platform
There will not be several formats for videos on Instagram, but just one - Reel. Regardless of whether you want to post a landscape or vertical full screen, you will be uploading as Reels.

Instagram is still expected to be Instagram
We do not expect all the videos to be dancing and lip-syncing. The brands and users can still post content focusing on the aesthetic and visually appealing aspects of a video.

Upcoming new Reels’ features
Mosseri also announced updates such as templates of accessibility, remixes with pictures, and a dual camera. The platform constantly develops new features to facilitate and ease the creation of video production.

What does this mean for your business?

1. Instagram encourages Reels because users genuinely like them and spend more time on the platform because of them. If you have previously only focused on traditional videos it’s time to adapt to the users’ new mentality and behaviorism. Involving Reels in your social media strategy significantly impacts your account's organic growth and engagement.

2. Reels give better access to analytics as opposed to classic video. We can analyze, learn and perfect our content strategy in order to give the consumers what they truly need. Ultimately this allows us to increase a brand's reach and grow its account accordingly.

3. If you are a business, we hope that a part of your brand’s mission already focuses on providing value to a community. Guess what? Reels focus as well on bringing value to the user. In 2022, Instagram users consume audiovisual content not only to entertain themselves but also to learn something new. If you have not already, it’s time to rethink your social media strategy: you should only focus on the visual aspect or also implement a strategy that brings tips, advice, and new information to YOUR community. 

At Opium Works, we are monitoring the changes which constantly happen in the social media world, and we are excited to see how it develops, as well as adopt all the new features. We encourage you to stop waiting for the right moment and begin to experiment with Reels right at its peak.

Inspired by these tips, but still unsure how to create an effective TikTok strategy? How about we help you?


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