New & Hot Instagram Updates of 2022!

Now, more than ever, keeping up with what’s new on Instagram can be quite a challenge. In fact, there are new Instagram features almost every week!

🆕 We've put up a list of the most recent updates on Instagram that you might not be aware of or know how to utilize, in order to help you keep on track and adapt your business to them.

1. Reels Visual Reply aka Comment reply in Reels

In a Reels video, you can reply to someone’s comment from one of your posts. The comment will appear like a sticker on top of your video.


2. 60 Second Reels

Instagram is now allowing people to upload longer Reels. Instead of 30 seconds, you can now upload up to 60 seconds. There are even rumours that Instagram is planning to increase it up to 90 seconds. Let’s wait and see!

3. Reels on Facebook

Facebook launched “Facebook Reels“. This means you can now share your Instagram Reels on Facebook, which means… potentially more Reels views!

Also, Facebook can recommend and show your Reels to anyone’s Facebook Feed (not just your friends’ feed).


4. Import Audio for your Reels

Do you want to import your own audio, songs, or music for your Reels video?

  • Go on your Reels

  • Press on the “Music” button

  • Press “Import”

  • The audio must be part of a video (so just make sure you save in your camera roll the video that has the audio you want)

5. Reels Layout

Add multiple photos or videos on one screen, in your Reels. Like this:


To do that, press the “Layout” button, and choose a layout:


6. ‘Add yours’ sticker now available in Reels

The ‘Add yours’ sticker allows creators to post an interesting Reels video, and with this sticker, they will help their followers to continue the story with their own view on the topic within the Reel. It is very creative as it invites different people to contribute to their videos.

This sticker is a great way for people to connect and share their creativity with each other. It is also a great way to get people involved in your Reels and get them interested in your work.

How? Just tap the “Sticker” icon and select the sticker you want to add. Then, tap the “Add” button. That’s it! Your sticker will be added to your photo.


7. Instagram Reels Bonus Play

Instagram announced a new bonus program called ‘Reels Play’ which rewards creators who make engaging Reels videos.

It is a new way for creators to earn money based on the number of plays on their Reels. At the moment, this program is available for creators that are eligible based on these criteria:

  • Live in the US

  • Have less than 1 million followers

  • Have an Instagram professional account

  • Follow Instagram Partner’s Monetization policies 


Once you become eligible, you will see the invitation in your Professional Dashboard on your Instagram Profile. Accept it and follow the steps to set it up. 

8. New Instagram Reels Templates and New Dual Features

Instagram provides pre-built Reels templates that everybody can use and create a Reel very fast.  Reels Templates are very easy to use. Just click ‘Use template’, your own magic and create the Reel. 

We believe that with templates, we can see more and more adoption of the Reels video format. 

Dual: In addition to the new Reels templates, users can now record their take on what’s happening. This means you can simultaneously use the phone’s front and back cameras to record a video of both perspectives.


9. Filter notification

Instagram allows us to choose what notifications we want to see: Only tags and mentions, comments, followers, or notifications from verified accounts or people you follow only.

#new&hotIGtrends810. Reminders of Feed Posts

Instagram gives you the opportunity to create a post with a Reminder. The Reminder can be a notification for your upcoming Live, a product launch, or any announcement you have.

People can tap on your post and set up a reminder so they get notified to attend your event.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Upload a post on Instagram
  • Tap on “Add Reminder”
  • Give a Name to your event and a start time


11. New Instagram Maps Update

Instagram is making improvements to the Map functionality. The new update includes an option to search for local businesses by category.

With the new Instagram search map, you can find businesses near you and get more information about them. This can be useful when you’re looking for a specific type of business or want to explore what’s nearby.

To use the new Instagram search map, simply search for a city or a nearby location:

  • Once you are on the Map zoom out and click Search this area

  • The search results will bring local businesses categorized by their industry or type.

  • You can click on Hotels, Cafes, etc.


12. 9:16 vertical photos are coming on Instagram

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram confirmed that in the coming weeks, they would be testing tall photos – 9:16, taking photos with a similar format as the trending vertical video formats.

13. Instagram Subscription

A new way to make money on Instagram. There will be a “Subscribe” button in your bio. You set how much you want to charge per month (from $0.99 to $99). People can subscribe to you. 

Here is what’s new:

  • Subscriber Chats – ability to invite subscribers to a group chat.

  • Subscriber Reels – option to post Instagram Reels for subscribers only.

  • Subscriber Posts – option to post Instagram Reels for subscribers only.

  • Subscriber Home – a new tab in the profile for all content available only to subscribers.

Note: Instagram is currently testing this new feature with a few creators in the US.


14. Live displayed in your bio

Are you going Live soon? Want to make sure people see when you’re Live next? Schedule your Live, and it will appear in your bio. People will be able to tap on it and set a reminder for themselves, to make sure they don’t miss it.



15. Avatar

Create your own 3D Avatar, and show up in your Stories as the Avatar. Awesome for those who don’t want to show their face all the time, or for brands who want to create a brand persona.


In case you don’t have some of the features we listed, don’t worry🧐 – they are coming on your way! 🤟

Here is what you need to check to make sure you’re missing out on the updates 👇

  • Check if you have the latest Instagram version

  • Log out of your Instagram account and log back in

  • Reinstall the Instagram app on your device

  • Ask your friends  (in your city/country) if they have the feature you’re missing.

  • Contact Instagram (If it has been weeks (or even months) since you’ve been waiting for the new features.)



Fay Xanthopoulou

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