Santa tell me..What's the Best Advertising Strategy for Christmas?


Many people will argue that it's quite early to start thinking about a Christmas Strategy, but is it really?

Well.. Christmas is not like any other holiday, it is known for having that holiday spirit, that majestic atmosphere with red and green being everywhere on the streets, shopping malls, avenues and squares, people singing Christmas carols and daydreaming outside storefronts.

In one word, Christmas is all about “visuals''. People need to “see” before they can “shop”, they want sparkles and magic around their products. 

At OW Digital we know December to be one of the most impactful months for sales across industries - so we’re prepared! Are you?

Here’s a test with a Christmas List below. Will it make your Google ads sparkle?

1. Add a little bit of.. “Spice”

Try to leave the best and most festive impressions of all of your products by embedding holiday-themed images and videos improving your products’ performance. Remember, Christmas is all about vision!

If YouTube is your platform, you can explore the Asset Library and find the most holiday-themed images and video ads.

Tip!  Don’t forget to add all of your assets or creatives days before the launching of your campaigns as you will need enough time for approvals.

2. “Is this your final price?”

You want your ads to be seen? You need to Add sales price annotations to all your products that are currently at a discounted price to draw the attention of your potential customers.

More specifically, if you have special promotions, like 20% off discounts, create a promotion in Google Merchant Center here and now everyone can see your offer details on Google.

Fun Fact! Did you know that in the Merchant Center you can measure all of the important KPIs such as: impressions, clicks and CTR for any of your products with a deals-related badge?

Take advantage of that and find out your top performing promotions and categories when on-sale!

3. “Thank you, I will think about it and come back later..”

We know you’re having nightmares about that phrase, make sure your shipping information is short and easy and that your customers can ship quickly without second guessing the shipping process.

Products don’t fit the bill ? No problem! Assure your customers by highlighting return windows with well-known phrases like “Free 90-day returns.”

You can find more tips and tricks on all of our social media: Facebook  Instagram TikTok

We know the digital world is an ever-changing, ever-evolving place and we’re committed to building innovative campaigns around this dynamic landscape  — which is why we sleep with one eye open.

Reach out  if you’re ready to start your Christmas planning!


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