2022 Pinterest Trends That Are A Must For Brands

Pinterest is the platform of tomorrow. Users are able to pin their likings to create boards of ideas for their future purchases and likings. Furthermore, a brand can see into the future as well and prepare accordingly, in order to keep up with the latest trends but also to set new ones themselves. That's why this platform introduces its annual ‘Pinterest Predicts’ trend report. In this report, over 440 million active users and their searches were analyzed and the most popular ideas were gathered. 


So are you ready to get all the scoop regarding the trends of  2022? Here are our personal favorites of what you can expect:


Go extra or go home!- 2022 stands for the rainbow color-pop and dazzling and bold accessories. You don’t have to wear black to be chic. With the new fashion trends, a fuschia or a lively orange can make the cut too! A brand needs to make sure its digital content involves vivid colours and dazzling bling jewels to take their visuals on another level.



Interior Design:

It’s all about the curve!-  Brands that value the importance of interior design should keep watch for curvy round furnishments as Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials are constantly searching for this type of design.


2022 Keyword: Luxury - From basements to laundry rooms, users are looking for ways to make their everyday rooms luxurious with a touch of gold shade. 


Beauty & Hair:

Revolutionary Hair looks- Time to go big and bold on hairstyles for 2022. Puffy hair, octopus haircuts, mullets, mohawks- Anything that channels ‘inner rebel’ is going to be in style this year. 


Constellation nails are on! -  Out-of-this-world designs are going to be the it-trend for nail painting, so beauty brands and creators should expect to bring on their Astro-detailed game into the 2022 table.


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Food & Beverages: 

Cake Your Way To 2022- For all the confectionary brands out there, for this year if you want to impress your audience, then ditch those cupcakes and put some delicious cakes as your major item on your menu. Users tend to seek more creative and out-of-the-box ideas for recipes or cake looks. 


Time for Afternoon Tea!- It seems that in 2022 the aesthetic of a tea party is going to be the next go-to trend. A picnic with tea as the main drink or just a vintage-vibe kind of tea party is what a brand should keep its eyes on. 


Mental and physical wellbeing - Pinterest has predicted that in 2022 audiences are leaning into looking for tips or ways to flourish their relationships with one another while discovering mellow ways to keep their bodies in shape. A brand can utilize this trend to send positive and inspirational messages through its content.



Let’s start the party!- Moving in? Party. Bad Breakup? Party. Graduation? Party. 2022 is the year for partying and celebrating every new chapter. Brands should keep the party mood going in their content to keep their audience engaged.


Overall, it seems that people are set to have a more open-minded outlook about their future and lives and that is reflected in these predictions. Further, not every brand can use all of these trends in their campaigns. However, even a few can make a big difference in the way a brand approaches its market strategies for the year.

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