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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms. What’s unique about it? The different approach it took from the rest! Professionals like architects, interior designers, graphic designers and marketeers, along with amateurs have been using Pinterest, for inspiration and staying up to date with the trends. 

How to Start Advertising

To be able to advertise on Pinterest, first you need to create a Business Account. Then you visit your ad manager and you are able to start creating your ad. Before creating your ad you need to pay attention to the following requirements regarding your Pins:


  1. Saved to your own business profile
  2. Saved to public boards
  3. Have destination URLs
  4. Don’t have link shorteners in the destination URL or description
  5. Make sure your pins are not third party videos or GIFs
  6. Follow Pinterest’s Ad Standards


But what are the objectives of the advertisements, the advertisement types and the placements?

Campaign Objectives & Ad Formats

The campaign objectives offered by Pinterest are Brand Awareness, Video Views, Consideration, Conversions and Catalog Sales. Regarding the ad formats Pinterest allows Static, Carousel, Video, Max Video, Shopping and Collections. 

Below you can see each campaign objective with the available Ad formats.

When creating an advertisement you need to know which purpose each Campaign Objective and Ad Format serve.


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Ad Placements

One of the most important things you have to know when advertising with social media platforms, is where your ads are going to appear and when.

Pinterest offers two types of ad placements that are Search and Browse. 

In Search placement your ad appears on search results and related Pins.


In Browse placements, your ad appears when users are scrolling through their home feeds, and related Pins.


To Select Placements in Pinterest, first you need to go to Targeting, scroll down and click on Advanced Options and under Ad group Placement, you can select Search, Browse or the recommended option, Both Placements.

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Constantinos Agathocleous

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