How To Make Your Email Subject Line Eye-Catching

Email Subject line

At least once in one’s life, everyone has experienced the annoying and overwhelming email inbox from brands who are desperately trying to grab the attention of their target audience. This phenomenon happens only when brands or copywriters have created flat and unrelated subject lines that do not fit their client’s needs, leading them to unsubscribe from their newsletter or even worse never engage with them again.


That’s why it’s important for every copywriter to know the best approaches and techniques, in order to write an effective email subject line that is going to grab their attention and continue their B2C relationship.


When figuring out how to write an email subject line, a copywriter should first keep their focus on increasing the Open Rate and Click Rate of an email, to achieve the desired action of the brand.


Meanwhile, a copywriter should keep in mind the marketing context for which they are writing the email, as for each context a different approach is needed. For example, if they are meant to be used for:


  1. Inbound Marketing - the business approach of capturing the attention of a target audience, through valuable content.
  2. Outbound Sales - by creating opportunities for new prospects audiences into a new client.

After a copywriter has learned the purpose and the context for which the email is written, then they should understand who are their target audience. Who is their customer? What are their needs and wants? Having a clear understanding of the persona of the targeted customer will lead to a much higher chance of succeeding in their email campaigns.

Now it’s time to compose the subject line of the email. 


So, what are the features of a successful email subject line? Let’s find out:


  • It has to be short and catchy: As the attention span of digital users is getting shorter and shorter, the subject line should be short enough to communicate its purpose but to have a snappy twist to it. Ideally, 6 to 10 words is usually a successful length for a copywriter to keep their mind on.


  • Include an action word: Keywords that inspire action have always been a part of a successful copy and an email subject line is no expectation. A few examples of powerful keywords are ‘Exclusive’, ‘Special’, ‘Thrilling’ etc. 


  • Sparks curiosity: According to a marketer survey, email subject lines that are curiosity-focused have a higher open rate. An example of a curiosity-focused subject line is: ‘Here’s something most beauty “gurus” will never tell you..’

  • Makes them a promise:  If a brand’s services and products have Unique Selling Points (USPs) that will make them stand out from their competitors then a compelling email subject line is always the best approach. In that way, a brand can showcase its usefulness and distinctive features to its target audience.

Creating a successful email subject line is not an easy task. It needs in-depth research of a brand and its target audience. However, if a copywriter learns how to implement these practices he or she will increase the likelihood of achieving a strong relationship between their customer and their company. 

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