How to Grow your Business with Google in 2022

How to Grow your Business with Google in 2022

The past few years have brought many changes to all the industries. The global campaign brought with it many different challenges to businesses, from small to international, but also opened new doors. Since people were quarantined in their homes, they only were able to gain access to the rest of the world through the internet. This led to the digitalization of many businesses since their employees had to work from home, but also gave life to them in this difficult era, through online selling.

The New Buying Behaviour

During the last few years, it is apparent that consumer behavior has changed. How did it change? Because people were unable to visit stores and supermarkets, they turned to online shopping to order the clothes they wanted, the electronics they needed, and their groceries. Of course, a lot of people were shopping online before the pandemic, but people that were resistant or did not know online shopping was an option, now do. After the multiple quarantines, and with businesses re-opening their physical location, consumers still tend to prefer online shopping.

How businesses should respond to the new Buying Behaviour?

For businesses that adapted during the pandemic, and started selling online, it should be apparent to them by now, the significant impact that online selling continues to have. Businesses that are still resistant to taking their business online should reconsider, as they are missing out on several advantages and opportunities that online selling brings.

Another significant point that all businesses should consider is the rise of online competition. If the amount of online consumers is continuously increasing, then the number of businesses that sell online will increase as well. That is why businesses should use online advertising, so consumers that are searching for their products are more likely to find them.

The Magic of Google

If you want to sell or advertise online, one of the most impactful platforms you have to use is Google Ads and Google Analytics. Both are equally significant and equally impactful. Furthermore, because Google has been actively trying to help businesses prosper for years now, they are always improving their digital tools, to bring further success to people and businesses that use them.

Google’s Latest Updates

Google in the effort to make the use of its Ads more impactful and easy to use, keeps enabling automation. Google Ads’ advanced AI knows exactly how and where to find the right customers for you and your business.

Automating bidding is now used by over 80% of Google advertisers, a percentage that is growing through the years since it can save time and improve the performance of the ads. One of the latest automations that Google offers, comes from Performance Max campaigns. What are these campaigns? This campaign enables businesses and advertisers to find the right customers, wherever they are, through all the advertising channels of Google (YouTube/Display/Search/Discover/Gmail/Maps). The only thing you have to do is set your conversion goals, audience signals, and some creative assets, and then you can lay back and watch the magic happen.

The significance of Digital Privacy

People are distrustful nowadays and they want to know who has access to their data, how they are using it, and if it is safely kept from third parties. How do you do that? You have to meet your customers where they are, but you also have to make them trust you. Businesses and brands need to focus on building trust and meaningful relationships with their customers. 

Here is how PepsiCo managed to do that with its Loyalty program:

‘Each program — unique to market dynamics — delivers clear value to its members in exchange for shared, consented data. The data are used to provide personalized experiences, like instant offers and recipes, based on users’ snack and beverage preferences. This approach not only ensures that PepsiCo honors its customers’ choices while protecting their privacy, it also increases efficiency in its media — resulting in a 200% ROI improvement for some campaigns.’ 

Google has updated its privacy playbook in order to help businesses build these kinds of relations with their customers, but also provide them with protected data that enables them to optimize their campaigns and find success.


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