Must-Have Social Media Channels For 2022

Thoughts of the different must-have SM Channels that your company should already be on. 

And if it’s not?! No worries! This is the reason we’ve created the blog! 


TikTok came into our lives like a thunderstorm back in the 2020 pandemic and our lives wouldn’t be the same without it. After almost two years it is still the most downloaded app. However, is this the most used app? Where do people really spend most of their time? 


Despite YouTube growing bigger and bigger the last year, and the expansion of TikTok and Instagram, Facebook remains the “King” of SM platforms. It looks like Facebook is leading more quality results for marketers which explains why they are choosing to expand and invest in the specific platform the most.


TikTok, as mentioned, is another popular platform that marketers are planning to increase their investment in. 




Research and surveys are showing that: 

- Short-form video is growing and increasingly becoming the number one content format.

- TikTok, is believed, to show the highest ROI compared to other platforms. 


Have in mind that other platforms are implementing the short-form of video format. Just like we saw on Instagram with Reels, and with YouTube Shorts. According to research, agencies and marketers are planning to increase their investment in the short-form video feature.


So what you should remember is that audio and short-form video features are the key elements in marketing strategies for 2022. However, while Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube may be the platforms that are expanding and appear to attract most of the users, that shouldn’t mean that your brand, strategy, and efforts should be entirely focused on these platforms. Why?


Because your audience may be elsewhere. 

Find where your audience really lives and follow them. Be the first one to be there for them. 


Platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, or Snapchat are having totally different segments as users. That shouldn’t mean that you do not want to use them as part of your strategy. Clubhouse is another platform emerging and might be worth looking into it. 


However, before you begin looking into the platforms you would like to include in your strategy, you need to define your consumer’s persona


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Rafaela Bakaliaou

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