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 Σαν επιχείριση του 2017, που θες να αυξήσεις τους πελάτες σου, γνωρίζεις ήδη ότι θα πρέπει πρώτα από όλα να μπορείς να καταλαβαίνεις το πελάτη σου. Να μπορείς ως brand να μπαίνεις στη θέση τους και να καταλαβαίνεις τι χρειάζονται και τι ζητούν. ...

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How to Calculate Social Media ROI

Social media return on investment (ROI) is simply a measurement of efficiency. In other words Social Media ROI is defined as a measure of the efficiency of a social media marketing campaign. It might sound complicated, but it’s not. What Does ROI ...

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What social media do your B2B customers prefer?

In the very beginning you were not using social media at all. Then you wondered: “All my competitors are using social media, so I have to do it as well!”, so you began creating profiles for your B2B company in every social network. Nowadays a new ...

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Do you know the basics for a successful B2B social media strategy?


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5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You.

Allow me to tell you 5 ways your business can kick ass on Social Media!...

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By Stavriana Nathanail | Jan 16, 2017

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Facebook: Go Live Από Παντού!

ΕΠΙΤΕΛΟΥΣ, ζητωκραυγάζουν οι απανταχού marketers! 🎉 🎉...

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3 προϊοντικά νέα του Facebook για Marketeers

Είναι γεγονός ότι το τελευταίο καιρό έχουν γίνει πολλές αλλαγές στο Facebook. Αν δεν τις έχουν προσέξει ακόμη οι απλοί χρήστες, οι Digital Marketers και οι Social Media Managers σίγουρα έχουν παρατηρήσει τις αλλαγές  -ωραίες και χρήσιμες, οφείλω να ...

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Marketing: 7 ways to manage your Business Communications.

Many organizations experience problems in managing business communications. However, managing the way you communicate with your customers is critical, as the competition is high and ‘your’ competitors know how to manage their business very well....

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Top 7 Social Media Networks for Business.

Social media networks are becoming even more popular as more and more people use them to communicate with one another on a regular basis. It is commonly suggested that to increase your business presence, you need to be active on all forms of social ...

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners.

Social Media marketing is the process of building awareness about your products or services through social media platforms. Your goal is to drive traffic to your website, increase the visibility of your products and gain more customers. It’s the ...

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By Aphrodite Patsea | Feb 29, 2016

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Benefits of Social Media for Business.

 These days, it is not enough to have a website for your business. Businesses have definitely realized the power of social media and accepted that social media marketing has to be part of their Marketing and PR mix....

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Get Inspired - 7 User Generated Marketing Campaigns

  Social Media is about Content .... and even more Content Admit it, you spend most of your time on Social Media, consuming content. Blogs, images, infographics, videos, gifs, jokes, documentaries, mockumentaries, new video clips. Content comes in ...

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