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As you already know, Instagram Reels are now available in over 50 countries, including Cyprus. 

Here and here, you can find more information about the features, the processes etc. 


In this blog we will look into some companies that are giving Reels a try and are thriving. Companies from different industries like fashion, food, movies etc, are taking advantage of every chance they can get to bring more followers and create a hype around their brand. 


Red Bull France: There is zero surprise here. Red Bull France’s account always had a lot of content full of adrenaline. Understanding their users, with almost 330K followers and the craziest of fans, their new Reels tab is becoming extraordinary. Below, one of their top videos that has over 2.4M views. 



FastandFood: Mouthwatering, high quality content, full of food! An account that is showcasing the miraculous work from restaurants around France -and now Madrid- is introducing itself to Reels and we are growing very fond of their content. 


With more that 40.7K followers and the most exciting content, the channel is loved by EVERYONE on this planet, showing that FastandFood might have found the secret recipe to win us over! 




Netflix: The pretty addictive Netflix, is using Reels to share just the right amount of its newly featured series and movies. Netflix’s Reels are used to interact with the users by letting them guess -only wrong- answers (as spoilers are not welcome) and share inside jokes with users that have already watched the movies, without giving too much away to the users that did not watch them. 



Xbox: The innovative company we all know, is using Reels in a different way in order to interact with the users! Xbox is not featuring content or insights but instead, it shares their famous theme sound that one can hear when they are boosting their Xbox console, and invites users to use this sound on their Reels! Smart, simple and with no complexity! We can’t wait to see what users will come up with! 



Nike: Nike, as always, is pushing boundaries more than ever. This year the company surprised us in so many ways. Supporting Black Lives Matters, Nike adjusted their legendary tagline, from “Just Do It” to “For once, Don’t Do It”. Now with Reels, Nike does not include any Reels on its profile; They let the influencers they collaborate with, like colourmecourtney and gui.oliveira, to upload their content on their Reels and create more hype. 


Like all the aforementioned brands, there are many many more that are exploring Reels for promoting their content and interacting with the users on a different level! If you own a company, if you have an idea, or if you want to achieve something unique, then you have nothing less to do, than contact us and let rock your world! 




#StayPositive guys and #KeepRocking


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