LinkedIn Stories? It’s happening..

What Snapchat pioneered back in 2013 and Instagram successfully implemented into its platform, at the present is being tested by another Social Media platform with enormous reach, LinkedIn. Clearly, we are talking about the Stories feature, a feature which primarily started by Snapchat, Instagram implemented it into the platform in 2016 and ever since all the other platforms started following that trend.



After Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and even YouTube (yes, YouTube has a Stories feature as well), LinkedIn over the past couple of months has been testing its own Stories Feature giving to professionals and businesses the opportunity to share more content from another perspective! LinkedIn has been thriving since March following the Covid-19 pandemic and the ramifications of it, as more people are seeking for a new job. Therefore, LinkedIn capitalizes this growth by constantly adding new features.


Currently, this new feature is being tested in Australia, Brazil, France, the Netherlands and the UAE. LinkedIn has announced that every few weeks more countries will be added on the list of countries that have access to that brand-new feature.

However, there is a question about what the goal of this addition is, especially when it comes to a professional networking platform. As the research on the field has revealed, this particular feature tends to become the most preferred way of consuming content on social media. Therefore, by adding this feature, LinkedIn gives users another way to create online content in order to expand their reach. In addition, it gives a more relaxed and unique style of content so people can have “a look behind the curtain” of many businesses and large organizations, share insights, strengthen existing, or build new “relationships” while businesses will reach their audience from a whole new perspective.


As time goes by, more information about it will be revealed.


Without a doubt it’s a feature to wait for…




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