Welcoming Reels to Cyprus!

It’s official, people! From August 5th 2020, Instagram Reels are available in our little Mediteranean island among another 50 countries! 


We were waiting for this new Instagram addition and now that it’s here we cannot wait to explore it and discover its potentials! 



Facebook wanted to “attack” TikTok somehow as most teenagers around the world moved from Instagram to TikTok. This is not the first time Facebook has tried to emulate TikTok. Back in 2018 Facebook launched Lasso on iOS and Android, however, on July 2, 2020, an announcement was made by Facebook that Lasso was shutting down in 8 days from the announcement. From that day since it’s shut down. 


This attempt seems to be more promising and successful as reels are included on Instagram and it’s an easy and self-explanatory feature. 


One can explore Reels and get ideas from the Explore and Featured labels and then move forward to create one (or hundreds) by selecting Reels from your Instagram camera! 


You may add music, change the speed of the video, add different effects, set a timer and the editing process is so simple! Trimming and aligning two clips is easier than ever. 


Both personal and business accounts can create Reels (However, there are some businesses accounts that may not have access to Instagram music due to commercial music rights restrictions, so check everything out first).


But if you have any ideas, questions and content that you want to promote for your company and you do not know where to begin, then contact us! We are here to rock your world and explore all possibilities!




#StayPositive guys and #KeepRocking



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