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In a previous blog we discussed E-commerce and the high impact it has during a campaign. 


Instagram, is one of the most known social media platforms that include a shop among other features. 


Day by day, more and more shops appear on the Instagram in-app platform, Instagram Shop. I bet among your saved posts now, are different posts that have a tag that links to the shop of a specific company. If you are one of the many that visited an Instagram Shop and have saved something from there, then it will appear directly on your Wishlist, so you can find it easy!



However, Instagram does not work only for users that will buy a product! They try their best to provide the best quality and smoothest process for the shop owners as well. 


On June 23rd, 2020, Instagram announced that there are “new Commerce Eligibility Requirements that expand access to Instagram Shopping to more types of businesses, including creators, so they can connect with shoppers and sell their merchandise on Instagram”.



This helps businesses in different countries to access Instagram Shop. The process is pretty straightforward and easy. However, you need to be a bit patient as it takes a few days to approve your request for a shop, in order to verify it’s eligibility. If a request is not approved, then Instagram will provide a clear reason on why it did not pass the procedure, so you will know how to fix any mistake! 


Businesses should have a single website where all their merchandise is grouped and updated there. This way, users will have a trusted shopping experience. Once the Instagram Shop is approved, then the tagging begins! Ohh, and you can also add Instagram Shopping Stickers on your stories as well!! Do not limit yourself to posts! :)


Have you ever considered showcasing and selling your products through Instagram? I mean, why not right? It is immediate, fast and up-to-date. 


Visit our website or give us a call for any enquiries you might have! We are here to turn your world upside down in the best possible way (not like Stranger Things!!) 




#StayPositive guys and #KeepRocking


Rafaela Bakaliaou

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