Let’s ‘talk’ about Christmas ads of 2021

As marketers we always look forward to the festive season because festive season means festive ads from the biggest brands around the globe! Although brands have faced global delays with their Christmas products due to international shipments and ...

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Top 10 Examples Of Heartwarming Christmas Campaigns

2020 came with a twist and 2021 isn’t too different either. However, Christmas is still Christmas and nothing can take away it’s jolly spirit. Despite the current challenging circumstances,  advertising agencies are still able to create campaigns ...

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How Important is food styling

How important is food styling?...

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Who Am I Speaking To? Identify Your Brand Voice

Due to the increased digital content online, the attention span of users is getting shorter throughout the years. Having a distinctive tone of voice is vital to leave a strong first impression of a business. A successful tone of voice reflects the ...

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By Theodosia Italou | Nov 17, 2021

in Writing, Copywriting

How To Get Over Your Writer’s Block

Coming up with creative ideas can be challenging at times especially in writing. ...

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6 Tips To Improve Your Christmas Copy

During the Christmas holidays, there is an overwhelming amount of content targeted towards consumers. Consequently, throughout the years' many types of content and writing have become cliches such as ‘Naughty or Nice’, ‘Tis the season', or parodies ...

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Can Instagram Stories Link Stickers Boost Engagement?

Instagram Stories Link Stickers are finally here!...

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Ιt begins to look a lot like Chistm.. #OMG WHERE IS MY TAGLINE?...

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