Top 10 Examples Of Heartwarming Christmas Campaigns

2020 came with a twist and 2021 isn’t too different either. However, Christmas is still Christmas and nothing can take away it’s jolly spirit. Despite the current challenging circumstances,  advertising agencies are still able to create campaigns that help us look forward to Christmas  and are making sure for a special holiday experience. 


Christmas commercials and ad campaigns are more than just advertising. It's a way for brands to connect emotionally with customers and expand their audience through festive ads. Also, by making it relatable and sentimental you are telling a story that evokes emotion for the customer. Every new year we all get excited for the release of Christmas ad campaigns and we can’t wait to see what brands have come up with to inspire us, humour us and primarily make us cry. 


Because of the pandemic, this holiday season won’t be much different from the last one but it’s definitely getting closer to what we know and brands are trying to find innovative ways to take the viewers mind away from COVID and remind us what Christmas is all about.


We made a list, we checked it twice and here are our top 10 favourite Christmas ad campaigns of 2020:

McDonald’s | Inner Child | #ReindeerReady



Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020


Pepsi MAX | Maximum Taste, No Sugar | Refresh Your Christmas


FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS | Disney Christmas Advert 2020 | Official Disney UK



Toys"R"Us 2020 - Make it a Christmas to Remember


Erste Christmas Ad 2020: #EdgarsChristmas

Gucci Gift 2020


The magic of connection | Christmas ad 2020 | Vodafone UK


Bring on the future


Jumbo αντίστροφη μέτρηση 2019 - Ο ναυτικός!


Without a doubt, this emotional series of Christmas ad campaigns were very successful in sending their own brand message during the holiday season. Whether there is a current global crisis or not, these commercials will always cheer us up and inspire us to reignite our hope for the future.

Vasia Charalambides

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