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Digital Marketing Freak. Social Media Addict and a wannabe Growth Hacker. On my free time I train dragons. Strongly believe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and a social media overreaction! Want to be a Digital Marketing Ninja, you? #GrowthHackingMindset #GottaLoveOpium
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 Σαν επιχείριση του 2017, που θες να αυξήσεις τους πελάτες σου, γνωρίζεις ήδη ότι θα πρέπει πρώτα από όλα να μπορείς να καταλαβαίνεις το πελάτη σου. Να μπορείς ως brand να μπαίνεις στη θέση τους και να καταλαβαίνεις τι χρειάζονται και τι ζητούν. ...

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How to Calculate Social Media ROI

Social media return on investment (ROI) is simply a measurement of efficiency. In other words Social Media ROI is defined as a measure of the efficiency of a social media marketing campaign. It might sound complicated, but it’s not. What Does ROI ...

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5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You.

Allow me to tell you 5 ways your business can kick ass on Social Media!...

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By Stavriana Nathanail | Jan 16, 2017

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Facebook: Go Live Από Παντού!

ΕΠΙΤΕΛΟΥΣ, ζητωκραυγάζουν οι απανταχού marketers! 🎉 🎉...

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By Stavriana Nathanail | Dec 29, 2016

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Drupal; Τρώγεται;...

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The Blink Test - #BlinkBlink #NotThatKindOfBling

Είναι ευρέως διαδεδομένο και σε όλους γνωστό ότι ένας χρήστης θα χρειαστεί 3-5 δευτερόλεπτα από τη στιγμή που θα προσγειωθεί στο website σου για να το δει, να κρίνει και να αποφασίσει αν είναι αυτό που ψάχνει....

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3 προϊοντικά νέα του Facebook για Marketeers

Είναι γεγονός ότι το τελευταίο καιρό έχουν γίνει πολλές αλλαγές στο Facebook. Αν δεν τις έχουν προσέξει ακόμη οι απλοί χρήστες, οι Digital Marketers και οι Social Media Managers σίγουρα έχουν παρατηρήσει τις αλλαγές  -ωραίες και χρήσιμες, οφείλω να ...

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Getting Started on Instagram, for Brands

I do love Social Media but Instagram has a special place in my heart. That is why I decided to write this article, to convice you that Instagram is crusial for your brand's Digital Marketing Strategy. On Instagram, advertisers can market the “what”, ...

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3 Steps you need to take in Digital Marketing.

There are hundreds of actions and steps that can be measured to move your audience from the level of being aware of you to becoming regular and loyal customers. To progress your audience through those steps, we have to trigger specific actions. If ...

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Ready, Set, Go! Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps.

Social Media has a real and measurable impact on a business’ bottom line. Thus, social media  must be work in tandem with the rest of your business strategy....

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How to Set Up a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps

Social media was often seen as the wild child of the marketing department—the place where interns started their careers and brands could say random things with little to no repercussions. But times have changed, and the industry has matured....

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Tips for Pay Per Click - Google Adwords

Many business owners give AdWords pay-per-click marketing a try and quickly throw their hands up in defeat as they deplete their budget quickly and have nothing to show for it. A successful pay-per-click campaign requires extensive knowledge and ...

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