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E-commerce: Should it stay or should it go?

Good news guys!! Lockdown is now over and we can move around freely. Well.. with a little care and caution, but still. We have started going back to work, for a coffee or after-work drinks. However, there is something that we adopted during ...

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Hashtags and different ways to use them

Hashtags are not a new trend. Actually, by now, anyone that is using social media platforms should know that they are used as an added element of attraction!...

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Instagram Stories and how they can help promote your business


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2021 Digital Marketing Trends Predictions

As many say, 2020 might have been canceled but 2021 is not far! And we cannot wait to see what this means for the world of Digital Marketing! ...

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Why should you keep spending on digital advertising through Covid 19 recession?

Every worldwide crisis is followed by a recession. However, the Covid 19 pandemic crisis our world is going through now,  is like no other. This crisis is affecting businesses, employment and it’s bringing social and political changes. ...

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COVID 19: Campaigns around the world

A pandemic is not easy to handle. No one knows what to expect. However, brands are doing a remarkable job on educating and promoting important messages around the world. Their message does not revolve around buying products or services but spreads ...

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Brands reacting during the Covid-19 pandemic

Companies and brands, regardless of their size, are currently in uncharted territory whilst weathering the COVID-19 storm. ...

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