Check Out 5 Seasonal Campaigns and the Content we Have Created for them. What Makes them so Special?

Creating social media content for brands is a crucial aspect of modern marketing. Beyond the standard, always-on content, many brands require seasonal content to drive engagement and maintain audience attention. Brands that fail to keep up with seasonal trends risk losing their audience's interest.

Here are 5 successful seasonal campaigns we have crafted for some of our clients. Let us show you what sets them apart and how they capture the essence of each season.

Pralina Easter Campaign 2020:

Every year, for every special or non special occasion, the unique creations of Pralina Confectioneries and Experience, inspire us to be better and create distinctive Social Media content! For Easter 2020, Pralina Confectioneries creations focused on the iconic symbol of Spring, the ladybug.

WOW factor: 
  • Color blocking 
  • Minimal set up 
  • Combination of products and background elements 

Untitled design - 2023-02-22T153515.132

Zorbas Summer Campaign 2019: 

Everything started with the development of  a deeper understanding of the Zorbas Bakeries customer. The goal was to create engagement and raise awareness for the seasonal products. To further increase ROI, we introduced two new thematic units. 

WOW factor: 
  • Custom illustrations
  • Hyper realistic visuals 
  • Summer elements featuring the brand’s products
Untitled design - 2023-02-22T152810.676


Three Cents Summer Campaign 2021: 
While,  most of the campaigns of Three Cents were focused on the main product “Pink Grapefruit”, we proposed to the client the “Travel With Three Cents” campaign. The goal of this campaign was for our users to build a connection with the brand during their Summer Holidays and their everyday moments.  

WOW factor: 
  • Local scenery for connection 
  • Lifestyle & bright results
  • Summer aesthetic 
Untitled design - 2023-02-22T152949.502


Elite Christmas Campaign 2020: 
Elite Crackers was a challenging client. Such clients need creativity and the team needs to be able to reimagine the brand altogether. We wanted to create a visual direction that looked like a scene out of a fairy tale. Almost fake. And why not? We ended up creating an “Elite World” for this Christmas Campaign. 

WOW factor: 
  • Cut-outs technique 
  • Strong color usage (cardboards) 
  • Creating a unique world around the brand
Untitled design - 2023-02-22T153306.796


Pralina Valentine’s Campaign 2022: 

Valentine’s Season for a Confectioneries brand is a MUST.  On such occasions, Pralina Confectioneries cannot miss the opportunity to showcase the unique products their pastry chefs have created. For Valentine’s 2022, the message of the Pralina Confectioneries was focused on all of the natural ingredients, flavors and smells that inspired this campaign. And what better way to promote this than with a campaign called: Naturally, Love!

WOW factor: 
  • Visual storytelling 
  • Minimal, but strong approach  
  • Brand identity connection
Untitled design - 2023-02-22T153100.322


[CTA] FMCG Campaign - CTA2

Rafaela Bakaliaou

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