Facebook: To be or not to be?

Whether you’re a casual or avid user, a business owner or an advertiser, Facebook has been part of your life for years now. 

Let’s take a closer look at the business perspective. 

As a business owner or advertiser, it’s important to understand that Facebook is one of the most important platforms for raising awareness and a great tool for advertising. 


Opium Works Blog: Facebook To Be or Not to Be


So whilst the past couple of years we’re seeing many brands and businesses shifting towards Instagram and other ‘younger’ channels, Facebook is still a must-have channel for most. 


So why Facebook? 


Opium Works Blog: Facebook To Be or Not to Be



  • First and foremost, Facebook has 1.69 BILLION users worldwide
    2.7 MILLION of these users are active every month, as reported by Statista
    Why miss out on this massive pool of an audience? No matter what kind of business you’re running or product you’re selling, chances are part of your audience is on this social media platform.



  • Now I know what you’re thinking. If you’re targeting millennials, you’re not gonna find them on Facebook; but hold on. What about Messenger? To have access to the Messenger app, you actually don’t need to have an active Facebook account and there are 1.3 BILLION  Messenger users globally. 
    The great thing is that whether one has a Facebook account or not, you can still target them on Messenger. So, here’s another benefit on how you can get closer to your audience through Facebook advertising.


  • No matter what you’re selling, Facebook is perhaps the first place people are finding out about you. If it’s not first (your website may be first), it’s definitely second. 
    Having said that, and of course depending on your goals, when you start linking your website to your Facebook page through your posts, it’s an awesome way to steer people to your official site and increase your traffic. And why wouldn’t you? They’ve already found you, you’re just giving them the chance to find our even more! 


Opium Works Blog: Facebook To Be or Not to Be


  • Targeting! Facebook offers great targeting options ranging from interests to demographics to radius targeting. There are super targeted options for everyone, whether your objective is engagement, conversions or traffic. What makes this targeting even better is that the platform is overall highly sophisticated, meaning you can measure most of your actions with a lot of depth and gain really important insights to how good or bad your performance really is. 

In a nutshell, whether you’re thinking about how you can get started on social media,  how you can get more awareness or how you can elevate and improve your targeting, Facebook is definitely the place to start. 


It’s a platform that is constantly evolving, constantly growing and it’s definitely not going anywhere. 



Are you onboard? We’re here to help you determine whether this or any social media platform should be included in your social media strategy! 

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