Covve - First Time Users animations - The process

We have been working with Covve for the past few years. Throughout our collaboration, the app has evolved and altered in many ways. 

Just before the launch of version 14 of Covve, we were given the task to create a new visual approach for the first time users, in order to create a more appealing and fun way to explain to them how to use the app. 


The Brief

More specifically, the client requested an animated series of images that would have been the explanatory guidelines for the new users. With an easy narrative and attractive visuals, our animations included five steps that explained how a user would use the app in an actual scenario. The different points were:


  • Met someone new?
  • Send back your card
  • Don’t lose touch
  • Prepare for your call
  • Wrap up your call

Getting Technical


One of the challenges we had to face in this project was for the actual final file. Due to the nature of the task, the files would be placed in the Covve app. So they needed to be:

  • Small in size - The overall app had a limitation in the actual size it should be, we couldn't have 5 files increasing the overall size vastly. 
  • Exported in SVG - The needed file to better perform in the app and in various sizes
  • Be in a loop - You never know when a user will be viewing them and if they will be going back and forth. So we needed to be able to have videos that would be playing in a loop, so no one would miss any important information. 


In Steps


Style & Characters


The project high level breakdown was really simple. Since Covve has a lot of data from its users, we gathered what we needed and proceeded in creating relatable characters/personas to our audience. This went hand in hand with the style of illustrations that we created to be animated. Having the information and data from Covve, really helped us grasp the needs and interests of our audience and create something that will be appealing to both existing and new customers.  


Storyboard and Animations


After signing off the style and characters, we then moved into finalizing the storyline we would follow and the animations that would occur. In the image below you can see one of the versions for two of the animations. 



And we are live!


Without further ado, please see below the final result of the New first time users animations. Anyway, pictures speak louder than words!










Now, this was just the beginning of the First time users animation. What is really important now, is to measure their effectiveness and if the change had a good impact on the overall user registration performance, so we’ll know how to utilize them better! 


Stay tuned for part 2. 

You can always check our amazing multimedia / animation work here or drop us an email to learn more.

Christophoros Tzirtzipis

Growth Strategist

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