Instagram Stories and how they can help promote your business


Every day businesses around the world are trying to find new ways to engage with their audience. Some of them are facing difficulties in keeping up the pace with all the new “trends” that are taking place around them. 


Engaging with your audience should not be difficult or complicated! 


It can be as easy as uploading Stories on your Instagram Account! However, be careful! We are talking about some random photos without consistency! And now you might wonder why and how can you do that! 


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  • You can promote new products or launches


Is an easy way to provide sneak peeks to your audience about what is happening behind the scenes or when to expect the new products! 


  • Drive traffic to your website


A fun and easy way to drive people to your website! Even for a peek. You can either use the “Swipe Up” function -if your Instagram Account allows it to you- or can play with the catchy phrase “Link in bio”! 


  • Get closer to your audience while getting some feedback


Listening to your audience, makes them feel special and that you value their opinion! That is an important step in building a relationship with your audience! Using a Poll sticker or a Question Sticker you can easily get answers to anything that you might not know how they feel about it!


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  • Drive Audience to your Subscription Form


On easy steps, you can drive people to subscribe to your brand, “luring” them with discount codes, free classes, insights or product samples or even a chance to win something! 



But again, as mentioned above, Instagram Stories for your business isn’t about uploading and posting random photos and content. Everything has to be precise and know why you are doing what you are doing! 


Some of the next steps you might want to look into, before moving on, is to define your Instagram Stories goals. What do you want to achieve and how fast?! Then you have to understand your audience. If your audience is not built up for this kind of content you might have to re-evaluate! However, if they are driven to this type of Marketing you might want to invest more on that as well! 


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Check what is happening in the market. Check your competitors. A right and complete market research will help you and your work be a step ahead! In addition to that, if you indeed want to give it a try, do not forget the analytics! As you are investing time and effort to create the content, it is necessary to measure and analyse the performance as well! 


If you need to learn more about a marketing strategy that will expand your brand on the digital world, well ..  do not hesitate to learn more here and contact us! We would love to hear from you! 


#StayPositive guys and #KeepRocking


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