What is Copywriting, anyway?

What is Copywriting, anyway?

You’ve either never heard of the term “Copywriting” before, or you heard it for the first time from your advertising agency that suggested using this service for your brand… and probably you thought…”What the heck is a copywriter and why do I need one?”.


Well, stay calm. Bare with me and I will explain everything you need to know. 


Copywriting is hiding behind advertisements, that video that cracked you up and the podcasts that inspire you. It’s hiding behind a subscription email, books, documents, pamphlets and everything that include content creation. Sadly, most of the times it can be taken for granted because no one really understands the difference between writing words and copywriting.


Copywriting offers the ways you can turn words into profit. Well-written copywriting will grow your profit, earns a Return On Investment (ROI) and help you achieve your business' goals by convincing your target customer to buy your product.


See, copywriting is about: 


  • Getting the audience to WANT to engage with you.
  • Generously giving something valuable to the person.
  • Getting them to WANT to buy from you because they enjoy your content and help!



And you can find different copy styles (we offer all of them FYI): 


creative copy

{noun} \ ˈkrē-ˈā-tiv, ˈkä-pē\

All sizzle and no steak, it’s the storytelling that grabs readers attention and keeps them reading long enough to get to the last bit of copywriting.


sales copy

{noun} \ ˈsālz, ˈkä-pē\

Action-oriented copy to direct the reader’s attention to the next step, turning an entertained reader into a motivated customer.


content copy

{noun} \ˈkän-ˌtent, ˈkä-pē\

Informational, to much fuss aiming in keeping your audience interested. This blog serves as an excellent example if we may say so ourselves!

technical copy

{noun} \ˈtek-ni-kəl , ˈkä-pē\

Informational, however, it’s dryer and denser even than content and is best left to the experts in a particular field rather than a professional copywriter.

SEO copy

{noun} \ˈs-i-oʊ , ˈkä-pē\

Informational, however, it’s dryer and denser even than content. It’s best to have experts write about technicalities to ensure that all information is accurate.


How is it connected to digital marketing? 

Now, a digital marketing copywriter such as myself works closely with the rest of the creative team, the designers and creative director, to give the right emotion to your clients. If you have a plain picture and a boring text, then you are doing something wrong.

Successful copywriting can make people feel curious about a product and create the emotions that trigger actions that’ll turn into conversions. It tells people why they should act or buy and can persuade them to engage with your brand.

Emotions make us excited, curious, and wanting more.

In a nutshell, it is beyond question that copywriting is the backbone of digital marketing. Your business may have every other part of marketing in check and functioning but it’s what you say that matters most and holds it all together. A solid, engaging copy can take your product and service from just another thing in the marketplace to something your target audience really needs.

So, has your copy been good enough to attract, entice, convert, and keep clients or customers?





So, has your copy been good enough to attract, entice, convert, and keep clients or customers? 




Virginia Sakka

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